My Favorite Hostel in Dumaguete – Philippines Travel Vlog Ep 15

Just a pretty normal day in Dumaguete. Here’s what it’s like to take a rest from constant travel.

Previous Vlog from Apo Island:

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31 Replies to “My Favorite Hostel in Dumaguete – Philippines Travel Vlog Ep 15”

  1. Steve Yalo

    Hey guys! I know this vlog is much shorter compared to my others… this was actually supposed to be included in the previous one with Apo Island but I figured it would be better to separate them into two instead of one really long one. Plenty more videos coming your way very soon!! Thanks for all the positivity 🙂

    P.S. – follow me on instagram @steveyalo


    your giirl is not a good travel partner. ive been watching you vlog and it's been a couple of times when she complained about not feeling well. the first time, she swam in the pool. lol

  3. janv a pinoy life in dubai productions

    You are a cool guy vlogger in the philippines stay positive..take care n god bless you…

  4. relaxcarpediem

    I love the flying fish when I was there! The people are so friendly <3. *Probably too late, but you should try and do a day trip to Apo Island!

  5. Trud Lee

    I think they are watching the sword of the stranger maybe, just hearing the bgm its a great anime movie. Dumaguete is ❤

  6. Nomadic Pinoy Kusinero

    You searched in the wrong area LOL! If you went down the other way towards Hibbard Ave, there's a lot of small eateries down there patronize by students of Silliman. Man that was a long hike lol but i'm sure you didn't mind the extra workout 🙂

  7. brothaman seen

    I love your vids and your editing, but I still laugh every time I watch because of the comment that you have "a punchable face". That may be the funniest comment I have ever read on youtube.

    Love from Canada, sir

  8. Sandrelly Inomata

    Hahahaha… You are very funny 😀 I love your vlogs. The hostel looks wonderful! I'm looking forward to watching the vlogs of Bali. Thanks, Steve!!!!

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