TRAVEL PROOF Hair Styles by ACTUAL TRAVELER | Quick & Easy

My go-to travel proof hair styles. I’ve worn these all around the world for the last 10 years.
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40 Replies to “TRAVEL PROOF Hair Styles by ACTUAL TRAVELER | Quick & Easy”

  1. Jon M

    Different topic….do you sanitize the hotel room before you get comfortable, like the tv remote, bathroom sink, toilet seat, and the nasty bed spreads? Just wondering.

  2. nuitNo.6

    Ain't we all travelers. Through the Milky Way and orbiting around Sagittarius A* at the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy at a speed of 514,000 mph

  3. Anne Elizabeth

    This video is the epitome of me struggling with my hair all the time. Not even just when I travel, just all the time. Though you look cute in pigtails. If I wear pigtails, I look like I'm five years old.

  4. Bargain Bouji Travel

    So relatable, when I’m traveling fixing my hair can be a nightmare. I’m also glad I’m not the only one who can’t throw their hair into a perfect top bun the first time. And I always regret bringing miniature sized hair tools.

  5. Jonkki

    I love this video! :D. It's like I'm travelling with you and you are taking forever to get ready, and we kind of need to be going already <3.

  6. Anna

    Honestly my hair is a mess when I travel, and I hate washing it in crappy hotel showers with little water pressure 😂 do you have a video on travel makeup?

  7. PJ. Julie Xiong

    Hey Nadine! I'm wondering if you can do a video on how to pick a good travel buddy/partner. Like what criteria should they fall under, stuff like that. I know you kind of talked about it in other videos but I'm looking for more in depth content. Thank you! 🙂

  8. derekcolman

    I have fine hair, and for a guy that's a really big problem. I have had a life of bad hair days, especially on windy days. However my problem is now solved because most of it has fallen out, leaving me with very little to cope with. lol

  9. Heather Frampton

    Thanks for these travel hairstyle ideas! I'm still lazy with my hair! Currently washed and damp in a bun, will style itself while I'm sleeping. 😁

  10. petit zedeuner

    I love those ! I constantly use them, well, most of the time. ^^' My favorite is the pigtail :* xoxo

  11. Let's Go Scoutside

    Oh my god Nadiiiiine – I have SUCH thin hair and never considered just throwing in a couple single wefts for up dos (I always think either a wig or a full set of extensions is needed, which is waaaay too much for my hair). I am gonna have to steal this tiny tip, I think!

  12. Amber Abroad

    You're so cute! I love your personality. 🙂 This was a great video idea. Last year I had hair halfway down my back, but chopped it to jaw-length after being on the road for just two weeks, because it was so hard to care for. I'm part of the not-thin-hair crowd, and it took FOREVER to dry it every time I washed it. 🙂 But I still got some good ideas from this video, for things to do after my hair grows out a bit more!

  13. sheena Ponce De Leon

    if only my hair could decide whether it wants to be curly, wavy or straight. Maybe then i could find easy hairstyles like this

  14. Rosa Klochkov

    I have thin hair as well. These are all great looks with that! I also have a higher forehead hahaha so sometimes I look bald with a pony.

  15. Ann Niethamer

    Nadine. I’m going to Poland in August and I want to bring my curling iron. I have adapters but what do I do about voltage. Converters seem complicated. Please girl just tell me what to buy. THANKS❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Josanne Fromin

    Hello Nadine i have not seen your video but u sure are wonderful with anything u have…………….Namaste

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