Sapporo Travel Guide

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Our Sapporo Travel Guide! Join us as we explore this most unusual of Japanese cities.

Sapporo is unlike any other Japanese city you’ll ever visit. Not just because of its food or its climate or even its location but because of how it came to exist in the first place.

Home to Miso ramen, hairy crab, and one of the few lamb dishes you’ll find in Japan, Sapporo is full of surprises and is not to be missed.

And yes of course we visited the Sapporo beer museum!

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20 Replies to “Sapporo Travel Guide”

  1. Si Sloan

    Soooo…….. No one is going to ask about the incredibly beautiful girl at 8.05? ok…I'll do it. who is the incredibly beautiful girl at 8.05?

  2. DOUG and NIKI

    Great job! We found your video on Reddit…glad we did. Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Years. Check us out if you are into Luxury Travel & Photography.

  3. luvdocumentary

    The best service I’ve ever received was from no tipping restaurants. Restaurants should simply pay their workers fairly and include the cost in the price of the food.

  4. Go Out On A LIM

    We know the considerable quality gap between the sushi sold at the prepared food section of the grocery stores versus those served by sushi restaurants in the US , but what about those in Japan, where making a bad piece of sushi is almost sacrilegious? Let me take you on a food tour in Sapporo as I devour sushi in a traditional market and at a supermarket and compare the quality gap between the two channels.

  5. Stephane Dajtlich

    Hi. I'll be travelling to Vladivostock with the Trans-Siberian train next winter. Before going back to France I plan a side trip to Japan where I've never been before. For a 3 day trip would you recommend going to Tokyo or Sapporo?

  6. Colette

    Northern Japan getting some love! Too bad you didn't venture outside of the cities. My favorite parts of Hokkaido are the vast outdoors. There are so many national parks to explore and vast hilly farmland.

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