I Went to Fraser Island… but so did a cyclone

Well, Fraser Island didn’t go as planned! As I was leaving, we were hearing news that a big cyclone was about to hit the coast, farther north from us. We were then without internet on the island for 3 days… So we had no idea that it was headed straight for us, until we were about to leave.
Really though, we kind of figured with all the rain and storms and more rain, and more storms.
Fraser Island must be an amazing place when it’s sunny!

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21 Replies to “I Went to Fraser Island… but so did a cyclone”

  1. Isabelle ponce-gauthier

    You may have been asked this a thousand times! But would you mind telling me what camera you are using to film, Enjoy your travels 🙂

  2. GivesAMinute

    Wow!! You definitely copped the southern extent of Debbie! It's amazing the water was still as clear as it was, given all the rainfall!

  3. taha ortak

    you are so sweet ,i follow you, you come just Istanbul , Why don t you come Turkey s other cities?For example Izmir and Antalya

  4. Eloy Antonio roa sanchez

    A guy told me one time "if he didn't have bad luck, he would not have luck at all"

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