12 Mistakes Beginner Photographers Make And Tips on How To Fix Them FAST!

12 Mistakes Beginner Photographers Make And How To Fix Them Fast!

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These are tips for mistakes that are going to completely transform the way you take photographs.

I hope you find them helpful and they escalate your work majorly.

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I look forward to more art being spread around the world!

Lots of love to you 🙂

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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33 Replies to “12 Mistakes Beginner Photographers Make And Tips on How To Fix Them FAST!”

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  2. Kenn San Juan

    i learnt a lot from this vid. luv your work sorelle… been binge-watched your vids since last night! xoxo

  3. Ngozi Ichoku

    Hey Sorelle, could you kindly recommend a good camera for beginner photographers and tools to purchase for self photography. Thank you thank you thank you

  4. david neville

    I agree with protecting your highlights, but the geek in me would add a word of caution.
    Not all silicon is created equally. This is why processors are 'binned.'
    The camera sensor detects light and its frequency.
    That data is then processed through the processor to convert it from binary information to analogue information.
    This process is referred as manufactures 'colour science.' Each brand has their own science. They are typically somewhat secretive and protective of their own proprietary science.
    When exposing for the highlights, at the cost of under exposing everything else, the result is lack of saturation.
    When the digital information is placed into editing, that editor will apply it own science now.
    When you view that digital information in analogue form, the monitor will apply it's colour calibration and science.
    It is then viewed by the greatest processor of them all..the human brain, that has received it through its own colour science of the eyes.
    The caution here is avoiding the uncanny valley. The eye can see it, but the brain doesn't believe it.
    The image maybe beautiful..but the brain subconsciously knows what it is seeing is artificial and contrived.
    By all means protect your highlights, but be careful about throwing everything else under the bus to do so. You may recover the image..but the end viewer may never be sold on it.
    That is why some beautiful stills sell for $10..and others sell for $10,000,000.
    Invariably the highly sought after image is the one where the subject and exposure have retained 100% believably. The brain accepts what it sees and makes a deeper connection with it.
    Just my 2 cents.

  5. Type1d2012

    Oh my gosh yessss.. All of my "amateur photography" friends don't edit their photos for the reason that they want it to be more "real" or "raw". It frustrates me so much because literally every professional photographer I've met edits their damn photos.

  6. SriGanesh.ninja Designer & Blogger

    I learned something + (I was getting panic Attack) Then I smiled When you smiled. Thanks for that mam.

  7. Digi Gi Bi

    Ive been watching your vid lately and it really helps me in all my socials.. thanks and keep upload vids like this!!!!

  8. It Began In Salzburg

    I must say I was shocked to see that you edited your waist to look smaller your example picture of the tree coming out of your head (2:30) maybe I'm naive to how much this happens on instagram but I guess I didn't expect that from you.

  9. Coco Stardust

    What happened in your newer videos you talk soooo fast. It s a bit stressfull too listen. Its like you don t breathe while talking and trying to cram as much text as possible in your video. I love your content but the speed of your talking makes it a bit hectic for me to listen.

  10. FlopsyGuitarBunny

    Great tips Sorelle. Just a question though. How do you lock focus on your eyes with a selfie shot?

  11. PankoCrumb

    Omgosh i wanna dislike just so i could get rid of 666. Y for God are there dislikes. This girl is amazing. Addicting energy.

  12. Kevona Walker

    Your tips are so helpful. I'm trying to start a business and my IG looks like crap. I've only been working it for a little over 3 weeks so I'm not too hard on myself. I look forward to seeing results after applying your insight to my process. Subscribed 👊🏾

  13. Taryn Pyle

    Hi Sorelle. I love your channel! I am struggling with defining my niche. I end up all over the map. I am a 50+ widow who is planning on getting an RV and travelling North America. I am a photographer and what I think I would call an Emotion Coach. I help woman work through the experiences that upend their world. Like grief, divorce, loss, etc. I want to incorporate my travel, life experiences into my journey of healing to help others. So many people are RVing though and right now I don’t have an RV so my travels are close to home. Does this all sound to broad?

  14. Veni Vidi Amavi

    must say I was disappointed in the edited waist at 2:30,but I know that the pressure on social media gets to everyone. Love your videos Sorelle 🙂

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