Get Healthy With Me | Packed School Lunches! (Back To School)

In this video i show you 4 lunches that you can make ahead of time and it should make enough school lunches for at least a week or two! I hope you enjoy it and let me know what healthy video you want to see next 🙂

Lunch Salad Ideas!

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24 Replies to “Get Healthy With Me | Packed School Lunches! (Back To School)”

  1. k Shaffer

    No no stop saying bad comments your probably hurting her feelings I liked and she tried to enntertane is its the thought that counts

  2. Carol Warford

    I think these meals look fabulous, can't wait to try! just found your chanel and I am enjoying all your videos! would love to see a video just on how you cooked your chicken ☺

  3. Victoria Whitehead

    I really love all of your food videos. They are realistic for what I can actually do and want to do! I'm trying to go through and watch all of them XD So many other people make good "healthy food" videos, but with crazy stuff that I would never take the time to make. Also this is seemingly very affordable as well. Thank you for making these videos!

  4. Emma Jorgensen

    Watched this right after starting my first year of high school thinking I was gonna be so healthy. Ended up not making these more than once, got confused over what was healthy, tried out being vegetarian (still am), veganism, whole foods plant based diet, raw till 4 and just ended up binging on crap like cake, chips, bread loafs, pizza and much more. Now it's time to go back to basics and make stuff like this and stick to it.

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