i tried 30 days of barre & this is what happened!

Soooo I’ve been wanting to create a video like this for months now and I am stoked that I finally did it !I decided trying to do one month of barre workout classes to see what would happen and test out how good of a workout class it is! Let me know if you want to see more of these in the future with different styles of workouts 🙂
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24 Replies to “i tried 30 days of barre & this is what happened!”

  1. Rachel Pessoa

    Hi guys I just started my YouTube channel and I need 100 subscribes to change my url, can you please subscribe and help me? Thanks a lot ♥️
    By the way I love your channel and it's such an inspiration to me!

  2. Graycen Colette

    as a dancer i know that with a lot of barre work you get used to tucking your tailbone under (which not only is correct ballet form but also engages your abs during a workout) and then it can make its way into how you walk/stand. In the before/after clips of your body over all you can see when you turn to the side your hips/glutes/back are more aligned with your shoulders! awesome job girlfriendddd!

  3. bronzefawn

    As if you did this challenge. I've been trying to be more motivated to start either barre classes or ballet. And then BOOM, I come online to find this video and OMG it has motivated me so much! You look incredible! This video was just what I needed 🙂

  4. james malone

    Although weightlifting may not improve cardiovascular health to the degree that cardio does lifting weights requires energy, therefore your body uses stored energy ie weight loss. I just want to dispel that persistent myth. Your body actually can become very efficient at running and cycling making it hard to loose those last pounds but if you add some weight training you can lose them.

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