7 Travel HACKS & Tips YOU NEED TO KNOW in 2019!

7 important travel hacks and tips you need to know this year! I partnered with Samsung on this video, to learn more check out:

Last year I created a video called 10 Travel Mistakes NOT TO MAKE, you guys liked it so much- I decided to start this year on a more positive note with travel hacks and tips you SHOULD do! This video combines vlog style of my travel adventures, with informative hacks and tips I gathered while on my recent trip to Japan. I didn’t search any of this up, I genuinely learned these things on my own. Travel is all about learning. I hope you enjoy and find it helpful.


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34 Replies to “7 Travel HACKS & Tips YOU NEED TO KNOW in 2019!”

  1. DPS Media Productions

    great video keep up the good work I have subscribed to your channel can you please subscribe to mine please DPS Media Productions many thanks

  2. D Lish

    Wow… This video made my heart melt! Enjoy your time with your father! I lost my dad when I was 15 years old and I would give ANYTHING to be able to spend time with him or have the opportunity to travel with him… Cherish your dad <3 <3

  3. Minimalist Vlogger

    i am so happy because monica only went to japan because i told her to a few months ago on instagram

  4. Bianca Perron

    So crazy, i was just in Sapporo and Tokyo for the past two weeks with my dad and i visited many of the places you showed on this video. Funny enough, we did the tip 7 as well and it worked out too! 🤩

  5. Im LHY

    I came from the vlog! Btw, for the last tip, if some stranger ended up sitting in between you guys, wouldn't it be awkward? 😂

  6. Wyld

    I JUST come back from Japan. Fell in love with the locals. Stealing is almost inexistant, it's super secure. They'll help you until they're sure you're okay. Japan is a must-try, to learn of their altruism and their selfless personality.

  7. Fluffy Chéf

    Except the natural light tip doesn't work in Iceland since its like 3 momths of darkness and 4 months of light so basically you have to come somewhere in between. But all in all I agre with everything.

  8. Hannah Barham

    I love the feel of this video – it is so aesthetically pleasing and chill. I actually switched from iphone to samsung earlier this year and cannot believe I ever used to use Apple! Team Samsung all the way.

  9. sarah brandom

    jet lag is mostly because you are tired and dehydrated. every hour you're in the air you lose 7% of your water intake (give or take on your hight and weight) including magnesium and potassium. you can fix some of this with drinking Pedialyte on landing. they make powder packets and I've found them at Walmart and target! you can take the powder kind through security with an empty reusable water bottle and just fill it up on the other side 🙂 I promise if you do this on the next international trip you will feel so much better 🙂

  10. airyballoon

    This comment section is so nice and supportive! Also this is the most fun “ad” I’ve ever watched!

  11. Angelica Alvarez

    I watched this video earlier but I’m coming back over here from your vlog. You were one of the first people I subscribed to back in 2010(or 2011, I forget) and I’ve unsubscribed to so many people over time because of quality change and content change but I’ve loved your videos all through your changes. I love how much you love your city, it’s quite inspiring. And you’re the only creator whose merch I’ve purchased😂 I get comments on my shirt every time I wear it. Thank you for sharing your life with us over the years!❤️

  12. Mommy Marine

    I'm bringing my mother to Portugal and Spain later this year. Isn't it great when we can give back to the ones who gave the most to us?

  13. Ashley Simpkins

    This video was CRAZY helpful! So impressed with the quality of the footage as well!! I’m abroad in Rome for this spring semester doing a ton of traveling so this was super relevant and helpful for me 🙂

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