WEDDING SERIES: Hair & Makeup Trial

Thanks so much for following along on our wedding journey so far. Today, I take you along to my wedding hair and makeup trial. Watch to see how it turns out 🙂


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24 Replies to “WEDDING SERIES: Hair & Makeup Trial”

  1. Gordon Sch

    I do not understand people that will just dump tens of thousands on dollars on a wedding. Plus make all their friends and family also spend thousands to attend all the activities.

    We are at the edge of a recession. You could have a beautiful intimate wedding in your home town and just invest all those thousands of dollars into a down payment for a home or just invest for retirement. But this social media generation just cares about putting on a show for strangers on the internet and impress people that don't even really care about you.

  2. maegan p

    I remember watching the first wedding series video and thinking her wedding day is so far and it’s gunna be so far away, but wow it’s so close now!!! so exciting!!🌸💓

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