Woman’s Low Cost Living in a Renovated Camper Trailer

After moving nearly a dozen times in 5 years, Arielle wanted a place to call her own. Now she is experimenting with alternative housing options and has started by buying and living in a renovated camper trailer. She invested $6,000 CAD to buy the RV and says it will be paid for in 2 seasons (the equivalent of paying $900/month on rent). She can then choose to try and make it through the winter in the trailer, or she can house sit, rent a room, or stay with friends during the colder months.

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The interesting thing about investing some money into a trailer like this versus paying rent is that she can eventually sell the trailer and re-invest that money into a different housing option, and it will allow her to save money while she’s living this low-cost lifestyle.

Arielle says that saving money was not the main reason she bought the trailer, but it is a nice benefit. She really wanted to own her own space, and to live outside the city. She asked around to find out if anyone would be willing to let her park the camper on their property and found an older woman living on an inactive farm who doesn’t mind having her parked at the back of the property. Arielle pays $200/month to contribute to the hydro bill and to cover the cost of her staying there.

She gets electricity from an extension cord for lights and A/C, she uses propane for her stove and a small heater, and she brings in 5-gallon jugs of water for drinking and washing dishes. She can shower at work, or at the gym, and she has a dry toilet in the RV that separates liquids and solids.

Living in a trailer is not a new idea, but we still thought it was interesting to meet Arielle and find out why she decided to try an alternative housing option, how much it cost, what the pros and cons were, and where she found a space to park her RV.

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22 Replies to “Woman’s Low Cost Living in a Renovated Camper Trailer”

  1. Jade Bell

    Most places that allow campers to park and stay 1-30 days won’t allow the trailer -RV -camper in their parks unless they are 5 years old or newer. Even if they are renovated. Especially they won’t allow RV older than 5 years coz they are just to old and might break down on their properties. Some private parks wont allow you in if your RV-trailer etc is older than 3 years. That’s what’s going on in the private and state/federal parks in the USA..

  2. Barbara Williams

    Arielle seems love and very self sufficient. But do be careful about that electric heater. It's too close to the bed and covers or pillows can easily be kicked onto it while sleeping and could be very dangerous.

  3. Dennis Velez

    I lived in a three bedroom house in California sold it and whilst I was in transition to the West Palm Beach Florida I lived in my trailer that I never used till my move, I was happier living in that 8x33ft trailer than my 2600sq ft home I lived in it four years I would do it again with out feeling any shame at all,it was very comfortable and great during the earth quake. The main reason the house required a twenty four hr dust mitten when I walked in the door.

  4. Marie Lawson

    It’s a beautiful interior… but from the outside views it looks very unlevel almost twisted… you may want to fix that before it warps the frame or breaks the seals in your walls, around windows etc.

  5. mysingalongsong

    I was hoping she was going to mention which province she lived in. I live in BC in a 30ft Jayco trailer. I cant think of anyone out here that would let you park for $200 per month. Just renting a bedroom out of a house where I live is $900 per month. I really wanted full hook ups so I pay $800 to park full time at a campgound. Still better than renting a room in someones house for the same price.

  6. grace day

    The 'fridge might work for awhile when the trailer isn't level, but we found out the hard way that it WILL self-destruct eventually. We knew better, but had pulled into a space that just wouldn't allow us to level… we tried for over an hour, then noticed we had a leak in our fuel line and the neighbors were getting ready to build a fire too close. We shut off the engine and stayed put. The 'fridge died a few days after we got home.

  7. Lucia C.

    Where is this – you didn’t mention country. My guess: not USA which keeps making more ridiculous laws to stop people from doing this. Best guess: Canada

  8. Lex

    The simplicity of camper life is wonderful 💕 I’m living in an RV full time while in medical school and it’s the best decision I have ever made! I’d love to make a video on how to do RV life as a young professional/student. It’s generally much more affordable than people think.

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