Gorgeous Adventures in Playa del Carmen!

I got to Playa del Carmen, where I’ll be staying for the next two weeks! My first adventures here unfortunately involved some run-ins with the police, but the gorgeous cenotes and beaches more than make up for it! This place is absolutely beautiful, and I can’t wait to explore more of it.

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43 Replies to “Gorgeous Adventures in Playa del Carmen!”

  1. Carlos Vera

    what is the name of the cenote? some are not, let's say taken care of, so knowing which ones to go is essential. thanks

  2. osmosis z

    Hi how are you sorry to bother you can you put the link for the stock market all the way that you do the Investments of which one of the best Mountain best for starter please

  3. Sulian Bol

    I'm loving your videos. I have a couple of questions if you happen to notice this. do you ever have to deal with parasites or tropical mosquito ailments? I was also curious how you travel while avoiding bad places and sketchy people?

  4. Franco Erazo

    Nice Vid. It was a struggling to get to Playa del Carmen for us too.
    I'm already subscribed. Wish you the best, keep posting.

  5. Travel Thoughts

    You seem to have packed it in while you were there. We lived in Playa for a month, the main expense being rent. But I prefer the west coast of Mexico so far–far less touristy. I will make a video of Puerto Escondido soon to follow my Playa series.

  6. Jose Lir

    I just started following you, I like your videos, I also follow other world travelers like Gabriel Morris, you guys really live your lives . Keep doing it for that's what we take in this life. Safe travels.

  7. Carlos Hernandez

    Mexico is one of the best country in the whole world. But the government is a piece of shitt.Lol
    And all cartels. That is why we're right here in the US.

  8. Veronica Salas

    Yep that’s what I remember visiting Mexico as a child. Every time we went out in our vehicle with California plates we were pulled over guaranteed. My dad was always ready to hand them a $10 bill when they would approach. They would thank him and let us go our way 🤦‍♀️ so corrupt. $10 was a lot back then 1967-1974.

  9. mark voorhees

    I worked for years in reforestation contracting and worked with a lot of guys from columbia and mexico, mexican police are very corrupt if they know you have money they will resort to extortion or worse to get it from you some good friends of mine from guanajuato state told me their father instructed them to hollow out the sole of their boots as a place to hide money when returning from america working, if police down there suspect you are from america they will pull you over for any reason and the best way to deal with it is to change a $100 bill to use to pay the police hide the rest of the money if you do not hide the money from them, once they see it they will take all of it and if you resist they will kill you, down in mexico the cartel rules and they care nothing for human life , the police are little more than thieves and murderers …I could relate many more incidents but suffice it to say if you have money and/or are an american keep your wits about you check in at the american consulate as soon as you arrive let them know you are in country and your complete itinerary this shows good faith and lets them know you have an understanding of the rule of law….there are a lot of good people in mexico but the government is exceedingly corrupt

  10. uday mahulkar

    fishes are eating us is wrong , fishes are kissing you , when the creature feels love they also express love in their way

  11. justsomeawesome dude

    So where’s in playa del carman is the lake with bunch of fish is located? Like is it too far from the beach?

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