DRIVING IN ALBANIA 🚙 | Durres & Berat Travel Vlog | Car Rental Tirana

Road trip vlog starts! We grabbed a car rental in Albania with Easy Rent Cars, leaving Tirana we travel to Berat via Durres. Book your car here: discount codes are below ⬇

To make this car rental in Albania happen we used Easy Rent Cars, the same company we hired a car with in Croatia last year and the road trip is off to a great start! More about them below, but book your car here: here’s the discount codes we mentioned:
Code 1: erc08 to save 8% off any booking
Code 2: erc35 to save $35 off the total price if you’re booking a rental over $300

A car in Albania is vital if you’re planning a road trip, while we were based in Tirana we knew it was necessary to look into rental cars and eventually commit to hire a car to see the country. Albania isn’t really at the point where they have decent tourist travel options, while you could rent a driver or hire a guide to help you travel the country for a while – the best option really is to have your own car, plan a road trip and travel

Today we travel to Durres first on our way to Berat, the white city. A fun day exploring, so many amazing locals, crazy drivers on the road and just all in all an epic adventure.

🏠 This is our Berat accommodation, amazing place with modern rooms and breakfast! Funny story actually, you’ll see in the next vlog: Note — if you book ANY accom worldwide through this link it helps us a lot! If you’re booking some accom just click on the link first 🙂

Easy Rent Cars now also offer a “Cashback”option that will be worth looking at. After completing payment, you can click “send to messenger” to start. If your reservation is confirmed, you get a random amount of cashback 7 days after you returned your car.

Disclaimer: Easy Rent Cars helped make this road trip and vlog happen by sponsoring this video. As always, our opinions are both genuine and strictly our own.

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37 Replies to “DRIVING IN ALBANIA 🚙 | Durres & Berat Travel Vlog | Car Rental Tirana”

  1. Daneger and Stacey

    Who's excited for this road trip series?! So much adventure and awesomeness to come. If you're looking for those car rental codes for Easy Rent Cars, you can book here: http://bit.ly/2YkbCFj and use the code erc08 for 8% off any booking, if you're booking a rental over $300 use the code erc35 for $35 off the total price.
    🏠 This is our Berat accommodation, great place: https://geni.us/0AmdH

  2. ferid dedic

    Beatifull videos about Albania, I was there last week and I had good time to.
    Saw few more videos in your chanel and they are all awesome. I see you traveling alot and wisiting many countries, its just a shame that you did no visit Bosnia and Hercegovina

  3. Aleksandra I.

    I love that you guys like my country, Albania because it’s like a hidden gem of the Mediterranean. By the way you guys should definitely check out Ksamil and Sarande the coastline is AMAZING. Should definitely try some çofte they are delicious and there’s a bunch of more food to try.

  4. Dajana Hoxha

    Just came across this video 🥰 and I feel so happy that you guys have also a good experience in Albania 🇦🇱. I hope you enjoy your vacations!
    Greetings from Austria 🇦🇹
    Btw. I‘m from Albania (Tirana)

  5. Andre TxT

    I am really surprised by the comments, isn’t Albania on the list of the most visited countries in the world. I heard this year they are getting around 6.5 million tourists, and that puts it in the top 40 in the world, for example Brazil only gets 6 million.

  6. Lola Shehu

    I drove south last fall and I loved it. I thought it was going to be a nightmare but it was awesome. There are rules….they are just not written down anywhere

  7. Taulant Qorri

    Welcome to my city Just for information Berati still on of the most old city in Balkan 2.400 years city and whe called city of 1001windors 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱thank you for visiting ours cuntrey 👍

  8. Eddie Melaj

    Thank you very much for this video guys at least now you know and you are witnes that all the lies and stereotypes that are used about albania and albanians are absolutely not true. Thank you this means a lot

  9. Juliuxx

    Berat is called the city of a thousand windows not the white city. In Albania we use to say " The house of the Albanian belongs to God and to the guest" so this kindly explains the hospitality and the kindness of the people.

  10. ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX

    Albanian hospitality is a very important part our Albanian culture.

    Fun fact: During WWII Albania was the only country in the world in which Jewish population numbers grew.

    This because Albanian people would never ever hand out the Jewish people to the nazis. It is contrary to the essence of Albanian culture to do that.

    And so word spread, and many Jews travelled from other countries to Albania to find refuge.
    Albert Einstein made his way to the USA via Albania.

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