We stumbled across this beautiful hostel and it just opened up. It’s a brand new hostel called HOP HOSTEL in Coron, Palawan, Philippines.

Check it out here:

The Philippines is full of amazing places to go and fun things to do. I’m loving it here in this beautiful country, I never want to leave!

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44 Replies to “MOST BEAUTIFUL HOSTEL in CORON PALAWAN – Philippines Travel Vlog Ep 4”

  1. Sheandy Duran Pogenio

    Hello Steve. It's been 2 days since this last vid. Anyways I just came here to give you a suggestion on your next destination here in the Philippines.

    Check this link. It is a feature in one of the Philippines' top TV shows. Sadly there's no English subtitles to this but our place here in Albay Bicol is worth the shot.

  2. James B

    Such a cool place! Really enjoyed the vlog, just subscribed to keep up with your travels! Looking forward to seeing more like this!

  3. Anthony Spicer

    It's been 6 days since Steve uploaded a video. I know he was expecting a typhoon in the Philippines. Sure hope he's okay.

  4. Non-Monogamous Lifestyles Association

    How do you manage to keep your valuables safe and secure? You travel with a bunch of electronics and I understand theft can be a problem traveling in The Philippines.

  5. Coco Supernova

    Awesome guys! Please tell Ylana (is that correct) she’s not missing much weather is still crap in England x

  6. Jeanette Harrison

    Hi Steve Im a new fan of your vlogs! You're an amazing guy and improving skills in editing. Can't wait to see more mind blowing videos of yours!!! Have fun and treasure each mories you have in Philippines

  7. Daenerys Stormborne

    I love you guys! Soo much fun! Both of you were hilarious! I think I watched all your videos without me realizing it lol. Take care of each other. You guys are such a lovely couple. Subscribe? Course I did! Love ya. From Philippines! ❤️

  8. go away

    I absolutely love how you don't nag and complain about not being able to travel as planned. Your videos are so fun and very positive. Thank you

  9. Mimar Camposa

    thank you for featuring this hostel, specially my arts! today there is a love of unique artworks here. im still here also at the moment.

  10. jeff bantiles

    Been watching most of your videos now. I start watching newer episode and now I'm digging those older episode you have. Really good vibe and honest travel tips.

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