How to Experience More Pleasure in the Everyday – Live Beautifully

How to Experience More Pleasure in the Everyday – Live Beautifully

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Simple little reminder that life doesn’t have to be as stressful and intense as we make it and sometimes SUPER simple steps can help you experience more pleasure in life.

Thanks for reminding us Stef! You’re a gem and I love you!

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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36 Replies to “How to Experience More Pleasure in the Everyday – Live Beautifully”

  1. robingrind

    pleasure… yeah in the western world we have not enough pleasure, shure.
    pleasure is not happiness. find yourself a meaning in life, work for that hard. This will make you happy. Than maybe you can allow yourself a little pleasure here and there.


    Ok this is LOVELY and also a wonderful reminder of pleasures in life, I'm in love, I will definitely apply it in my life <3 Thank you so much ! Both of you ** you look so happy ! It's a pleasure (YES) to watch it <3

  3. Dounia forreal

    The positivity that you and your sister both have is just shining through and i love it! Hope i could reach this state of mind and overall self-love and self-care someday. You're such a role model to look up to. 💙

  4. F for Fanny

    your sister has a cute voice
    i should follow her advice, so i slowed down and realized this video makes me happy
    im so happy that you uploaded a videooooo:)
    love you Sorell xx

  5. Fit BMX

    Great video that I really need to watch over and over so I remember it. Your sister is so lovely and beautiful, you need to have her on more when you are both in the same area that is. 💕

  6. Carissa Ritchardson

    A book to recommend is pleasure activism and adrienne maree brown. The book discusses how to encompass your own pleasures and how that applies to activism I thought it would be a good recommendation!

  7. Drea Duque

    You know, all your videos are great, but I am so glad to see you both helping each other on videos. That's soooo nice. Your sister and you are so inspiring! Very grateful to have found you on my path 💚

  8. GrahamPhelan

    Has anyone else ever wondered what Sorelle's myers briggs (16 personalities) personality type is?
    It's like she has so many qualities that I can't put her under one haha!

  9. vernyfernandez

    Thanks! Wonderful video. I just came from the supermarket, it was crowded, i wanted to shop fast… the slow down and breath part really got me.. will try these advices more often in my life

  10. KiarraSari

    I love this advice and I love your sister so much! I follow her Instagram and I learn so much! I struggle with slowing down and being present when I’ve been taught that’s laziness. Love you both so much! ❤️

  11. Stef Wild

    YAY! Love you Shrubby! This video turned out so pleasurable to watch. Thank you for the opportunity to record this with you and for you <3. Thank you also to everyone here who left such a beautiful comment on it. It makes my heart so happy to read. What a wonderful community <3

  12. martina magda

    The amount of hapinnes and energy your sister and you are projecting is amazing…watching you too make me apreciate and enjoy my life and my surounding more. I fell I would me full of energy if I could hang out with you too every day 😊😊😊

  13. Becca Ann

    Love love LOVE this video. The relationship you girls have is so beautiful, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
    I’m deep into my personal development journey and your videos always centre me, I’m forever grateful for your content and your soul.
    Keep being amazing 💕

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