This is the most beautiful place in the world. Coron Palawan in the Philippines is not only beautiful but it has secrets hidden behind the mountains including a giant sea monster, Kayangan lake and twin lagoon. Get the 5 Hot Tips to Philippines (FREE):
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Yesterday’s video – Paradise Found – Coron Philippines

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Nov, 2017

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34 Replies to “MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE ON EARTH – Coron Philippines”

  1. TTTravel

    Rock and roll baby 😂 love it!!! Now everyone can see what I (Tori) have to deal with!! 😂
    What an incredible day – Coron was one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen and the vlog of course came out amazing!! Congratulations! 👏💪
    Can’t wait to upload ours now! 😍

  2. Michelle Latzer

    Love your videos!! Thanks for putting up such great content! I will be in the Philippines this December and can't wait to follow your advice and amazing recommendations.

    Did you stay in Coron for New Years? How was that experience?

    Also- was the El-Nido-Coron Ferry/all the island tours working normally on New Years/Christmas days? .

    Thanks again!!!

  3. Het khandhar

    Hello brother, i want to know that which is the best place to have new year celebration in palawan… Puerto princesa city or El nido? i mean is there any celebration in el nido ? or Puerto has better celebration than el nido… please reply because we are planing to go there this December so we can have better planning accordingly…Thank you

  4. Kigge Gidlov

    Looks really nice. Thailand and Philippes are the most BEAUTIFUL places to go to. Don´t agree its the most BEAUTIFUL but its really nice:)

  5. Hi it's LYRPA

    I was there for 5 days and what you featured in your vlog is just a few compare to what we visited. Coron is really a paradise especially to those who can swim really well and love diving, the underwater scenery is amazing. I hope you enjoy your stay here and thank you for the kind words☺

  6. Nej Scarlet

    I never thought sharks were friendly…. may mga pating pala dito sa pinas huhuhuhu ayoko makakita nyan 😭 sana d ako makakita in person

  7. Katarzyna Rogowska

    WOW. I've just came accros this video. I've been on the same trip from Busuanga to Coron Iland 4 years ago! With the same tour guide! He was making all of us laugh all the time 🙂 I have totally forgot how amazing this day was! Defenitely one of the most beautiful and unique places I've traveled to. Thank you for evoking the good memories 🙂

  8. CountChocula30

    I've been to all these places in Coron. Especially loved the Twin Lagoons. Coron really is the most breathtakingly beautiful place on Earth. Highly recommend.

  9. SaiffulZalizzan Sulong

    Nice video. It’s inspiring for my next vacation. Also nice background music on 6.06. Wondering what is the title 🙂

  10. Theo Ginting

    For viewers
    El Nido and Raja Ampat is more beautiful than Coron(imo),
    but yeah El Nido is a bit crowded and Raja Ampat is overpriced so, u get the idea
    If u have deep pockets go to Raja Ampat tho, the dive is 10/10

    Lacks of activities? Go to Bali(do some research first, it can be great or sucks so hard depending on your research)

    Always try to find a good guide. In SEA they're affordable(put some effort to get just the right one)
    U need local's insights to fully explore those sites.

  11. cherry_up

    Phil. Tourism should be paying you for showing the beauty of the Philippines! Even i have not been to these beautiful places.

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