Is this real life?!! Several months ago, I posted about wanting to get to you know you guys better and teamed up with Trova Trip to host a trip where you could sign up to travel with me in Bali… it ended up being AMAZING! It was the freaking *girls trip* of a lifetime and we all quickly became great friends! Bali is absolutely stunning and I fell in love with the culture and the people there. This whole trip felt like a dream :’)
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  1. luciehrd

    OMG. wow. this was such an INCREDIBLE video! thank you so much for filming this, you always take such good shots! love you so so so much, sending love from Brussels! <3

  2. EJ HAN

    My hubby and I live in Korea and go there for surfing every two years or so and stay for a month. Hope you had a great time. We dont go to Ubud anymore. Our favorite place is Uluwatu and Nusadua( quiet area) . After Bali we got a small scooter over here too. By the way where we live is Jeju, incredible island. You can visit us. I am serious.

  3. rianty palentek

    I'm ur subscriber for Indonesia.. So glad that finally you visited Bali.. There are so many beautiful islands in Indonesia.. Next time please visit Papua especially Raja Ampat ☺☺💕

  4. serlina

    I just remember on one of your vlog where you mentioned that you really want to go to Bali and now you made it, I'm so happy for you that you enjoy and had fun❤ waiting for another trip vlogs!

  5. レスリ

    Damn, I would love to join you on a trip with other subbers as well! Don't worry I'm also a girl! Lol. Would love to accommodate you in the Philippines if you're down!

  6. Juliette Maes

    Heey! Love the vlog, the trip looked insane and makes me want to go back so much! About the Luwak coffee, I'm sure you had no idea, but because it's gained so much popularity in the last few years, the business opportunity resulted in a lot of cruelty done to civet cats. They're put in very small cages for their whole life just to produce the coffee beans. I don't know which place you went to and if it's the case with them or not, but anyway it might be interesting to put this reality forward so that future tourists in Bali know that most of the Luwak coffee is produced this way and is in no way ethical.

    I have probably explained this very badly as I don't know the issue that well, but here's an article if you're interested to know more:

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