Boston Travel Guide

Our Boston travel guide! We braved a Boston February to explore this amazing east coast city and we had a fantastic time, what a city.
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Boston is a legendary city and was the backdrop to several important moments in U.S. history. Not to mention the famous food, the great beer, and the incredibly friendly people – this episode is not to be missed!

The best beer in Boston – Trillium Brewing

Where we stayed: The Liberty Hotel

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35 Replies to “Boston Travel Guide”

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  2. Keith Bloch

    Canada has the same tipping system as the U.S., so give them some love too.  I was recently in Australia, where tipping is not done and had some of the worst service I have ever experienced.

  3. Ciao BeautifulDahling

    Bartley's onion rings. Must for a munchies craving. That's all I can reccomend, other than just enjoy my favorite american city any which way you like.

  4. kookymunster75

    I am so glad I found your video! I'll be going in 2 months and I've never been. This video has been most helpful!

  5. Michelle Miller

    Other great beer:

    Better Cannoli's:
    Modern Pastry

    Best Tiramisu:

    Also note: There is no happy hour in Boston although some restaurants will do food specials on appetizers.

  6. Chris Listenfelt

    Avoid driving in Boston at ALL COSTS!!! The T is by far the best and most convenient way to get around

  7. Pawan K Marthiv

    Your videos are great but you worry about a lot about your comments and tipping part, honestly I don't care about anything but you need to chill down a bit or disregard your comments like mine this time and free up a little bit. Don't cry..!

  8. Indy Cyclist

    I had a day to spare in Boston and my tip would be to WALK! I took the commuter train in from Plymouth and didn't use the subway at all. It is such a dense, neatly packed city that you are just going to love walking. And public bike share stations are everywhere in the downtown area.

  9. UConnhuskyandrewnduati

    12:26 as a native Northeasterner from just outside Philadelphia where Dunkin is low-brow and essentially the Mountain-Dew/Great-Value aka Walmart Cheaper than actual shit store version of coffee, and my mother is from just outside NYC, and with me as a 5th year college student in Storrs, Connecticut just over an hour from Boston, I can confirm Dunkin-Donuts up here is like literally nothing-else nor anywhere-else ever. I swear to God its in their DNA…

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