Queens Travel Guide

Our Queens Travel guide! I think I’ve discovered my new favourite place. Wow.

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I’m embarrassed to admit that I’d never really explored Queens before. Sure I’d passed through Queens on my way from JFK to Manhattan. But I’ve missed out on New York’s geographic and, one could argue, spiritual centre.

Easily the most multi-cultural place I’ve ever been, Queens NY is bursting with international identity including incredible food which we explored with Greg and Jumi from Food and Footprints

Queens, New York. What a place.

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24 Replies to “Queens Travel Guide”

  1. Attaché

    Hey guys, this is going to be the last Attaché episode for a while, if not forever. The beating I took over the Toronto episode (which I still maintain is a strong episode) plus the skyrocketing cost of producing each episode is all getting too much to bear for now. So it's time for a break, possibly indefinitely, while I see if there's a way to finance the episodes going forward and give my brain/heart a break. In the meantime, enjoy this episode and be sure to turn on notifications so if we return, you'll be the first to know. ❤️

  2. Nathan Slusser

    Take a break but please figure out how to keep making these videos. This is one of my fav channels and I watched your Tokyo video religiously prior to going. Great content and you are.

  3. Andres Torres

    Just wanted to say that I always loved your videos. You are my favorite travel channel. Sad to hear about the news. I hope you are able to find a way to continue. Your videos are truly inspiring. Thanks again for your passion and no doubt hours of blood sweat and tears.

  4. Eric A

    Been a fan of this channel for a while and I never thought a video would be made of my hometown, specifically, Elmhurst, Queens! Thanks for giving a well deserved shout out to Queens

  5. Durdana Dancejoy

    Beautifully put thru n so truthfully stated from the heart, loved ur take on it n love Queens,saw n heard about it for the first time ,thank u🙂🌈 have a lovely day wherever u r.👍🌈

  6. Gett Baladad

    I'm kinda sad that this was only 10 minutes long, but I loved the storytelling in this episode. Even if it was just brief you made me want to explore New York beyond what we know.

  7. fromthehood_totheocean

    Yes! A new Attache episode! And it's in Queens! Please don't stop doing what you're doing! You're very good at it. Yourself and whomever puts the edits together/doe's the filming. I don't know how anyone could insult someone trying to put together FREE content to help others, that enjoy travel. Thanks for all the videos and time invested.

  8. TheSoloWargamingShow

    Sorry to hear this. Not sure what you mean by the “beating I took” on the Toronto video. Most everyone who commented said they love Attache, they just thought the Toronto video was not very thorough. But if that type of response really upset you, then yeah maybe it’s time to take a break. I was new to Attache but thought you had a unique take on travel videos.

  9. zeronekke

    If you book a flight from south of NYC to LGA and sit on the left side of the plane and book the window seat, you’d be treated with an awesome view of the manhattan skyline that’s worth the price of the ticket. I ❤️ LGA

  10. Pochemuchka

    sad to hear about these vids ceasing but so pleased to see this ep about queens. we did this exact same thing when in nyc in april. had been waiting for your next nyc ep since i saw your manhattan ep a few years ago.

    thank you for your wonderful videos. we have thoroughly enjoyed them and they’ve always been something to look forward to.

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