Albania Has It All — An Island, Beach & Mountains In One Day | Vlore & Himare Vlog

Albania road trip continues – today we travel to the Island of Zvernec in Vlore, through the mountains and on to Himare beach…⬇ More Below ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop —

Another epic adventure as we travel around Albania on our road trip, risking it all driving these Albanian roads!… we joke, kind of haha.

Here’s our epic Himare accom: other great options: Note — if you book ANY accom worldwide through these links it helps us a lot! If you’re booking some accom just click on one of these links first 🙂

Our first stop is Zvernec Island in Vlore, home to the Zvernec Monastery on a very random and tiny island. There’s fortunately a really nice bridge/boardwalk that you can walk to get out to the island and visit the Monastery.

Next up we drove through the famous mountains of Albania, known as Llogara Pass – the views up here are insane! Albania is known for it’s crazy roads, mountain passes and incredible views and the Llogara Pass basically summarised that in one trip! The roads in Albania honestly aren’t as bad as people make out, but Googling the road or highway first to get feedback is smart to avoid the shockers.

Our travel home for the next few nights is in Himare – a really great beach town. Himare beach isn’t necessarily the best beach in Albania, but it’s got a lot of charm, great food options, water sports and casual cafe and bars… all of those are good with us!

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45 Replies to “Albania Has It All — An Island, Beach & Mountains In One Day | Vlore & Himare Vlog”

  1. Daneger and Stacey

    Seriously though – an island, a beach and mountains in a day? Albania is so vast and impressive!
    This was our Himare accom: | Side note — if you book ANY accom worldwide through this link it helps us a lot! If you're booking some accom just click this first and then book 🙂

  2. gold boy

    very nice work you do brother you look so simple with your girlfriend and uou show to your followers all what need to know for albania … dont stop your work are awesome faleminderit 🙏🙏

  3. Petr Per

    Well done guys. Really nice videos and promotion of Albania. Noticed One thing you guys havnt highlighted the fact that Albania is a very safe country for tourists. Probably one of the safest countries in Europe to visit right now.

  4. Kreshnik Katana

    From the Observation Point where you guys were to Himara, you passed like 3 of the most beautiful beaches of Albania.
    1. Dhermi or Drymades (which in my opinion is the best)
    2. Gjipe
    3. Jalë
    You have many other small bays/beaches in between of these I just mentioned which are amazing too.
    Anyway, I hope you had a great time in Himara too.

  5. Da Luiz

    Albania os artificial made country.This is all old Serbia.All these Albanians came from middle east and they have language that has a lot of middle eastern words.

  6. vasilis

    it is beautiful and in albania we did not forget that they had 60 years of totalitarian status that kept them back on development and mentality

  7. FKA T

    Himare is where I got engaged two years ago 😍 and now we have a beautiful baby boy. Albania was a great hidden secret but not anymore. But glad more ppl are discovering how beautiful it is. Idk what they mean by forget what you heard because I didn’t know anything about Albania when I met my husband (Albanian). I remember the spontaneous road trips, mountains on the way to Kosovo and much more. Can’t wait to go back.

  8. Susi

    U must be kidding? Naturewise yes beautiful. But ive been there its full of dirt and garbage. The sea is disgusting. Sorry just my truthful opinion.

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