Life Hacking With Paper: How The Bullet Journal Advanced My Life

Life Hacking With Paper: How The Bullet Journal Advanced My Life

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This isn’t some trend for tweens…this is a trend that will level up your life. I can’t encourage more people to get onto this system if you want more productivity, goal smashing, mind clarity, effective operation and use of time and more.

I’ve now gotten my mum, brother, boyfriend and sister onto this journal and they are already loving the effects after a few days/weeks.

Do you use the bullet journal? Let me know in the comments below!

Also…if you’re reading this, write in the comments – “It’s only 3 seconds when you are at a face off with a grizzly” (no idea what that means and it’s great.)

Bullet Journal system created by Ryder Carroll

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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43 Replies to “Life Hacking With Paper: How The Bullet Journal Advanced My Life”

  1. Basis of Me

    I began my bullet journal recently and I can say I'm the happiest with it. It helps me keep focus and grounded on what is important and what can be done later. It also helps me clear through all the clutter in my head with so many htings piling up. <3

  2. 방탄소년단 바이팅 !

    I always try writing a bullet journal to motivate me and remind me to do things but then i end up forgetting to check the bullet journal😓

  3. Monika Nutautaite

    I love your content, I've done self portraits for a few years, and your self portraits still inspire me. However I do struggle to stay motivated and productive, and bullet journal is something I perhaps should try out 🙂

  4. Hannah Gay

    having a bullet journal this year completely changed my life. it changed me from an unorganized dyslexic mess of a go no where student to a slightly less messy organised and greatly successful student. without my bullet journal i would not be where i am today

  5. Michelle Sibrian

    I just got a mini printer (HP Sprocket 2) and it prints out 2×3 photos. The best part is that they are stickers! Now I can easily print out photos from my phone and stick them in my journal. I am a photographer and I can't draw so its a cute way to decorate my notebook with memories!

  6. CoffeeBookChick

    It took me a couple of years to get the BuJo system to a point that it worked for me and I understood it. Now, I don’t know what I’d do without it! I love Ryder Carroll’s book, that I’m listening to on audio, and he does the narration himself and he’s fantastic! Such a great way to peek into his mind when this was created!

  7. Christain Wright

    I’ve used planners since I was in high school. It’s something I semi enjoyed. It kept my life in order and the times when I stopped it showed. I also really like sticky notes. I often tell folks if it ain’t on a sticky it doesn’t exist and most likely doesn’t get done. I’m currently in a phase of life trying to bring back order to it and I’ve come access bullet journaling. I haven’t begun yet but I’m working on it once I’ve gathered enough information about how

  8. Carlotta De Neris

    Thank you, I think I'll just going to jump in at this point. I already have basically the same sections of a bullet journal in my Evernote and it helps a lot. What perplexes me most about the bujo is always having to have it with me, which is impossible, while my telephone already is always with me. But I realize that having all the sections spread out in front of you is an incentive to write more. Last year I tried a more similar version of the bujo, and especially tracking habits like exercise on paper really made me turn those habits into practices I do without thinking anymore, which is amazing. Scattered post to say that I really like this kind of videos from you and you gave me the push to really try it out.

  9. Sherry Gay

    I've wanted to start but still procrastinating. One page I'd for sure put in my journal would be a Search List for things I want to Google. Another page would be When/How It Started for something to remind me when something has taken me down a new road about when it was and how I found it (or it found me!) — I enjoy your channel, Sorelle!

  10. ChocoCookie

    I bought a bullet journal about 1, 5 years ago and copied all the nice page ideas out of instagram, pinterest ect. but I never really filled the pages, because that things where not things that had to "get out of my brain" , i was just thinking about making it as pretty as the other ones… About 3 weeks ago i found it again in my room, exactly when i felt overwhelmed by all the stuff i had to do. So I just took it and wrote down everything on the first empty page that i have found – an after that i felt great.
    Now i use it almost every day, i always have it with me, it's ugly af (i just take the first pen that i can find to write anything down fast) and i am super happy with it 😊

  11. Chelsea Birbal

    I do my journal more log format, since 2016 and looking back at everything I saw , did , experienced , went through it's amazing

    I write classes I'm doing
    Places I go
    Movies , books and media I view
    World events
    Mapping my garden
    Theories and information I learnt

    Just everything it makes my mind less catastrophic

  12. kristyna tlusta

    I actually have one and it helped me being super organised and efficient. To write down emotions is a really cool idea.

  13. nie astronauta

    bullet journaling realy helps me deal with depression, alongside with meds and professional help of course but setting simple tasks and goals makes me motivated to keep doing the things that are making me feel better such as going out of bed, eating healthy and spending time in nature

  14. Rosalía Miranda

    I've tried the bullet journal twice, and twice I dropped it, now I look back and I think my problem with it is that I didn't learn how to do it and probably was just trying to copy what others did and not try to adapt it to myself, who I am and what are my needs, I'm going to try again and hope the third is the one.

  15. Stanka Kordic

    Yikes. Missed the boat on putting this out in the world myself…I have been doing this for 30 years!!

  16. mellonkreativ

    I have tried to make a bullet journal several times. The only thing I use it for now, is to plan the dinners and make a shopping list. But finally an explanation on what to use it for. At the moment I use the notes on my phone for all these things

  17. glnorrisjr

    I've been using the bullet journal method for three years, now, and have found my pace with it. I appreciate your mentioning that the book doesn't have to be pretty to be useful, and if it's used as a creative outlet that's fine, but the primary purpose is to collect one's thoughts (memories, ideas, day-to-day, to-do lists, etc.) in a central location and to take the time (twice a day suggested) to reflect on the day, on the to-do lists, and be aware of the day and the direction of events, choices, and the things that can get lost in the day-to-day. I use a minimal approach, basically using the tools prescribed in Ryder Carroll's video introductions to bullet journalling. I wish you luck on your continued journey.

  18. Alexandra Templeton

    Really liked this video. Thanks for making something so genuine and that really adds something to peoples lives in a meaningful way 😀 Keep on doing great work, Sorelle <3

  19. Silver Coils

    Thank you, I am happy to hear someone say the bullet journal doesn’t have to be beautiful! I started and stopped because trying to make it pretty was time consuming! Thinking of starting again in 2019!

  20. Colleen Stanton

    I've been bullet journaling for a year and a half. As the year winds down I realize I have still been "forgetting" things already written down in it, and not fully using it to celebrate what I've already accomplished. So, I loved your emphasis on that element, and I loved the quote!

  21. Joegirl

    You are my new obsession…in a healthy non stalker way. I love all your videos. Thank you for all the content!!! I really think I’m going to try bullet journaling again. I have a lot of goals for 2019.

  22. nuvoclassic

    I'm in my 3rd year of 'hybrid' bullet journaling using an 'Essentials' A5 grid  journal by Peter Pauper Press. Mainly I use my BuJos for  collections. I go through about 1 1/2 bullet journals for my collection a year. In every new book: I number even pages, add Pen Test pages in the back, a comprehensive alphabetized Index (about 12 pages), stamped cartouche for the date in upper right corner of right-hand pages, and washi tape on random right-hand pages. For my goals and project management, I use STM (original iconic version) A5 dotted. I also do a little bit of stamping and coloring in the Scribbles That Matter. For my calendar/planner I use a store-bought A5, wire bound book 'Seasons' from with a homemade monthly printable 'habit tracker'. I also use an annual 'calendex' in my homemade medical journal. I've been writing and in love with stationery and fountain pens since grammar school – so I have a large stash or used journals and blank books. BuJoing has helped me procrastinate less and become more productive.  Love it!

  23. Lotte

    Hello Sorelle! Rewatching this vid for this new year because I’m starting my first bullet journal today. Thanks for inspiring me! Happy New Year!

  24. Regina Spasova

    I have a tattoo with the frase "Memento mori". I think it is a very powerful message. You are so inspiring, thank you for that

  25. L T

    I would really like to get some advice and tips on the method. I have tried bullet journaling several times in the past but I've always quited after a while. I have way to much thoughts that I would like to put down on paper but I have faced several problems that I have not been able to solve
    – I'm bilingual and think in English and Hebrew in some sort of mashed up language and writing my thoughts and ideas is quite difficult
    – I tend to over think way to much and get anxious over little mistakes and pages that aren't perfect

    I'd be really grateful if I could get some tips or/and tricks
    PS , sorry for this long ass message…

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