let's talk about life after college (jobs, friends, finances & more)

So I graduated a year ago WHAT! I asked you guys on IG what you want to know about post-grad life and here it is. We’re diving into job searching, majors, budgeting, friendships, existential crises, imposter syndrome, ETC

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32 Replies to “let's talk about life after college (jobs, friends, finances & more)”

  1. Sarah Dawkins

    It's so true about life experiences and its what you make of it! Could you share more stories of what your highlights have been through that and also times when you knew it wasn't right for you?

  2. Chicken carie

    here in my country, if you take a gap year between highschool and college, people will see you as a failure. because everything here is a race, you must graduate on time. 😤 and it's sad

  3. Imani Clayton

    I wish I had this video when I graduated. i turn 26 today and I still haven’t started in a job field that I’m passionate about. I say if there is something you want to do and your family is there to support you just in case you fail DO IT. You won’t regret it, you’ll only regret not trying. Also for finances I use the Clarity Money app it allows you to see all of your accounts in one place and it also has different graphs to break down your expenses. It also sends you an email about how much you spent last week. Save for retirement but also do whatever the fuck you want.

  4. Ret

    wow, you are super mature for your age (not talking about appearance but attitude and character)! I'm 27 and honestly I thought you are my age 😀

  5. Donna

    I graduated in 2014 and still don't have it "figured out". Don't think anyone really does. I've just quit my job in pursuit of a career change and it feels a bit like post graduation life!

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