WEEK IN MY LIFE: Exploring Portland + Recreating Twilight

In this video Patrick and I explore what Portland has to offer, a quick day trip to Seattle and of course have to visit some Twilight spots 😉
I hope you enjoy, thanks for watching!


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40 Replies to “WEEK IN MY LIFE: Exploring Portland + Recreating Twilight”

  1. graceee baez

    You should of gone to St Helens while you were in Oregon! It has the Swan House and has the whole scene where she went to look at prom dresses with Jessica and Angela where she wandered off and got harassed by those creepy guys and Edward saved her in his car. It also happens to be Halloween Town! The pumpkin is also up in October. The Cullen house is also in portland! Wish I could of ran into you 🙁

  2. AbiInMusic

    4:56 there is even a pickup truck that kind of looks like Bella’s in the background 😂😂♥️ (I mean it really doesn’t but you get what I mean 😂😂#fangirl)

  3. Maria Arriaga

    He is so willing to have a blast with you and make memories! And all with the best attitude! Lucky girl!

  4. arthurtheaardvark13

    I'm over here hard-core judging you for liking Twilight 😂😂😂
    I love seeing your guys' travel diaries! You guys have such an adventurous life!

  5. Aph M

    I genuinely LOLed when Pat said, "As if you could outrun me!" when he was on that boulder. He missed his calling playing Edward Cullen.

  6. Claire M

    ahh tess ive literally been watching you since you did vampire diaries makeup tutorials hahaha ilysm I love how your vids have changed but you are the exact same person you've always been 🙂

  7. Brittany Kreider

    "Sitting in this park, not sure what it's called but it's right on the waterfront" It's called waterfront park lol

  8. Pam Levenstein

    I love Portland! It really is a fun place to visit. Powell's Books is one reason to go. Oh and Voodoo.

  9. McKenzie Smith

    I can’t believe you didn’t go to Bella’s House!! It’s just a 40 minute drive north of Portland, actually could be considered on your way to Cannon Beach as well

  10. beautyspeakswithin23

    I just enjoy watching your travel videos they are so soothing it like I’m there
    You are so simple but so chic
    I like the fact that you don’t need to have the latest stuff or trends or every pair of shoes in your closet your a true fashion icon because you make it work
    By the way what do you guys write about in your journals

  11. kelsey q

    Omg I’m from Portland but I’m away at school! I’m somehow just seeing this but I wish I could’ve seen you guys! Congrats on the engagement 🙂

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