Post Break Up Make Up Tutorial

In todays video I want to open up to you guys about how I’ve been doing/feeling since my break up a few months ago, while trying out new makeup I got at CVS. Thanks to CVS Beauty for partnering with me on this video.

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FTC: This video is sponsored by CVS Beauty.

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45 Replies to “Post Break Up Make Up Tutorial”

  1. Little Drummer Boy 1970 Little

    Makeup was not invented for naturally beautiful ladies like yourself; and I’m available if you need to rebound. 😉

  2. Lory Rowe

    Don't feel guilty about it! You have helped those people who are going through the same situation. You made me realized that I wasn't alone and there is nothing wrong with me. It's just that there are people that cannot be faithful in a monogamous relationship. BTW! You look gorgeous! Keep it up😊

  3. LeAny

    You look soooo fresh, and everything in life passes on, so and break-up… 🙂
    You are new person after all that life drama, and that's okay. 🙂 You look even more beautiful and self-confident. 🙂
    Greeting from Croatia. 🙂

  4. CLM💕

    Oh Monica I didn‘t realized that you visited Switzerland😍 I live there and I hope you had a great time

  5. Sarah Colon

    I went through a break up in the beginning of this year. I remember feeling very lost and confused with the situation. But I also in a weird way loved that I went through such an experience because I know from January to September, I am such a different person. I learned what I needed in a relationship and not just what I though I would mixed well with. I did try dating again a couple months after and that was hard at first because it was different with new people, but I also took it as an opportunity to test the field again. When I meet my current boyfriend, I remember thinking he is nothing like I’ve been with before but I’m drawn to him for that. I’m very lucky to be with someone now and everything he does for me I tell him I appreciate. Having a past relationship that brought so much hurt to you makes you appreciate and thankful for the one that brings you so much happiness. You can’t appreciate the sunshine, if you don’t know what a cloudy day is. You got this girl! And you will find an amazing man one day who will treat you amazingly, for now treat yourself!

  6. Kayla Spangle

    Eventually you will go back on dates. Never say never.. it's clear your still hurting inside regarding what happened. Everything does happen for a reason. And you dodged a bullet. You both new it was coming to and end and you mentioned before how you didn't know how to break up with him (not in those exact words) but your better off.

  7. Vily Rose

    I’m in Thailand for 6 months. My ex broke up with me after coming to see me, like literally the day he left. It was real crappy cause he acted like nothing was wrong the whole time and got a cheap vacation out of it 😅 but I’m happy af to not have him around right now cause it was a bit more than a week ago and I’m kind of already over it?

  8. Melissa Thomas

    Literally got 12 ads already and I'm not done watching the video yet but MAKE THOSE POST BREAKUP INDEPENDENT WOMAN DOLLARS

  9. Emma Elizabeth

    Everything you said in this video was soooo true but especially the confidence thing. People in my life ask me how I’m confident all the time and I just wanna say to them “if you only knew the hell I’ve been through.” They don’t understand that I had to go through completely, utterly hating myself to learn how to love myself. Nobody can make you love yourself, you have to learn to. It’s YOUR battle.

  10. Najah Ariffin

    Why do all these youtubers use Brown Brown and more brown for eye shadow😠… I see so many attractive colours like cool greys in the pallete..but no , they have to pick the browns…its so annoying that they have nothing new to show ..i get it that you want to create a natural look..but grey is also a cool natural look…the same brown eyeshadow look has become mundane, repetitive,boring and annoying…sorry you've just gone through a break up..but still…just saying😕

  11. David Oknaian

    Monica, don't have any regrets about venting to us about what happened between you and him. Ultimately, it was therapeutic for you I'm sure, and the fact that you feel a bit bad says that you're a Good Person at Heart. Besides, that episode broke the internet with over a million views! THAT SHIT WAS EPIC!! LOL!! man, only 76 days till my vaca in Seattle!! Can't wait!! My cousin & I are hittin' Dahlia Lounge for Happy Hr on Black Friday!! Pop in if you have time!!

  12. clo

    in situations like this, I always try to and look at it in the most positive light. I think of it like they were meant to come in my life for a greater reason and in my life experience, I 100% am true to this. like you said we live and we learn and we grow. I also try and remember how different life is in simply 3 months, just imagine the possibilities for you that could fall into your lap at any moment<3 were with you. all the great downs we have in life make the ups we have even more special. 💜

  13. Amanda Cawley

    When I found out my ex cheated I hacked his Snapchat and put a picture of us with the caption “Hi! I’m ___ and I decided to cheat on my beautiful girlfriend d of three years!” Sooooooo

  14. ghost g

    He was NEVER going to tell you. Do not feel bad about putting it out there. He’s mad he got caught. I’m glad you found out and can now live life freely and carefree and not walking around with someone who didn’t respect you and cheated on you and didn’t say anything!

  15. c4arla

    Do what you feel confortable doing you already shared probably more than you would have wanted to and that’s not bad but it’s ok for you to keep things to yourself if that’s what you want

  16. Emerald Clark

    The same thing happened to me about 3 weeks ago…… He cheated on me with his ex. We were engaged and going to get married but then he did that and I broke up with him.

  17. Gashawa Kareem

    Monica babe sending love! You will find someone who will know the treasure you are and will protect and love you forever

  18. Katie Legate

    I was cheated on in my last relationship and forgiving that person actually helped me heal so much! I didn’t forgive him in order for him to feel better. I forgave him so that I could let go of the complete bitterness that was killing me inside.

  19. Ananya P.

    Something super similar happened to me a month after you went thru it and I resonate to everything you said SOOOO much. Thank you for this ❤️

  20. Day In Day Out

    Monica the only person that can make me listen to the brake up story and pay attention to the make up that shes using why do I need the make up information don’t know but i learned some stuff today😂

  21. daenerys targaren

    Swear I’ve never seen you look so gorgeous Monica. I mean that in the sweetest way that post-breakup glow is REAL💕😍

  22. melashmas

    Monica, I just want you to know that you are absolutely STUH-NING. You are beautiful and strong. Love your videos girl.

  23. Megan Smith

    I’ve found that traveling RIGHT after a breakup is just too overwhelming and it makes it really hard to enjoy the moment. After you start to get solid ground under you though and are able to enjoy yourself again in general, traveling somewhere is the ultimate confidence boost and a great way to find that fire in life again! So glad to hear you’re doing better. 💖

  24. Mia Andrea

    Went through a break up the same week you did actually. Completely different circumstance (we were just on different life paths and had to end it even though we cared a lot for each other and still do), but it still sucks. Thanks for sharing your story — it's been comforting to know the heartbreak experience is universal.

  25. Sylura Lindsay

    A breakup can teach you alot about yourself and about the other person. The signs that you missed or just didn't want to see. Before his cheating there was signs of him showing you the real him, you choosed not to see it which is natural but now you know. I'm sorry that you went through this but God has someone better for you. You just have to wait and be patient. When you rush into a relationship for whatever reason this is going to happen to you again. I really hope that next guy be your Mr. Forever

  26. christina fuentes

    I'm so thankful you posted this video my ex it only has been a month left for me for another didn't even given me an explanation he just walked out, You're right we need to forgive them not for them but for us! thank you Monica!!

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