22 Replies to “Q&A about full-time travel”

  1. leslie

    Love love love the time line, I have watched most your videos and wondered how the adventure started. TN native here, Clarksville.

  2. Záck

    Nate, do you have a brother? If so, is he gay? If not maybe I can turn him….You and Kara are so cool, love you both, but love you a teeny bit more! xx

  3. Palak Saluja

    The indian samosas look a little different (they are cute closed cones) but considering its in a different country its the same thing🙈

  4. John Corcoran

    Nobody notices what men wear. I wore a blue button down shirt to work every day for 26 years. My last day, I wore a pink shirt. Nobody noticed and when asked, they didn’t know I Wore blue. That said, we see you every Day. Lose the shirts with writing…Peanut Putter and wear a plain colored shirt.

  5. Reese Dziendziel

    You probably won’t see this comment, but this is just amazing. My boyfriend and I have been together since high school. We’ve been dating for 5.5 years. And this past summer we just went to Belize and we LOVED it. I’m going back to college for graduate school, but we plan to travel a lot more (maybe eventually full time) later in life ❤️🤗🤗 also- you guys are the ones that finally convinced me to start a YouTube channel: ReeseandJoeVlogs

  6. Daniel

    Hello Kara and Nate, You guys provide amazing stuff! Thx for all your positiveness, cheerfulness and honesty! I subscribed yesterday with your Trans-Siberian-Series. I was wondering if you guys ever feel pressured to create content, now that you've been doing it for a couple years? Do you have times where you rather just put the cam away and enjoy without it? How do you find that balance? Just curious 🙂
    Kind regards,

  7. Doug Peters

    Not sure if you go back and look at comments on past videos way back. But questions I had are you ever nervous about carrying all that expensive camera and video/drove equipment around? Have you ever been nervous about getting mugged? OR do you have insurance or anything? Like how did you replace your drone after it crashed? Also last question. Do you have cell service in each country? How? like how does your google maps work everywhere? Thanks, we love watching you.

  8. Planes, Trains, Everything.

    You would be so lost without 7 Elevens, and poor Kara would be lost without her caffeine boost first thing.

  9. 30 And A Wake Up

    I love seeing this…what an amazing story and knowing how it turned out in 2019! So so so awesome!

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