Traveling to AMSTERDAM!

Traveling to AMSTERDAM! A travel guide with a list of my top things to do on a recent trip to Amsterdam in the Netherlands!

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Erik Conover is an adventure filmmaker living in New York City. Conover creates travel series featuring incredible destinations around the World, along with documenting life in New York City while he is not on the road.

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Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2018

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33 Replies to “Traveling to AMSTERDAM!”

  1. Erik Conover

    Traveling to AMSTERDAM! I had a quick two day trip to Amsterdam while filming a freelance job last week. We tried our best to make a travel guide with my top things I got up to during my free time in the city but unfortunately didn't have enough time! I 100% plan on returning to Amsterdam to make a proper travel series, comment below if are from Amsterdam!

  2. Derek Parker

    I love that your eyes are so red."when in Rome ..cough Amsterdam"! lol you went to..or rode by some of the places I went to!! The Bulldog was fun..I found better ones!

  3. isidore vw

    so I've never posted a reaction before but I feel like this video needs one. I've been born and raised in Amsterdam and I've seen the amount of tourism gone up. As a local I would suggest not going on the bike in the city centre. It's very dangerous and you will have to focus on the traffic more than you can focus on the beautiful buildings that are surrounding you. Besides that, it is also very dangerous for locals because tourists don't know the traffic rules on the bike. Everyday at least 5 locals get in to a heavy accident with tourists as the cause. Other than that; Bulldog is not the most popular coffeeshop, its the most touristy one and it sells the worst weed with all kinds of chemicals. Try every other coffeeshop, but not that one. And if you do a boat to, go for an open boat not a closed one because on the open boats they tell you more about the city and you'll be able to see everything better. Alright.

  4. Cocokaschu

    You didn‘t explore amsterdam at all. Dutch culture is much more than what you american youngsters think. Architecture and history of this City are breathtaking. At least visit the museum that shows the history of the city next Time

  5. Roosje Keizer

    If you really like to bike that much, you should raise the saddle, not only makes that go faster, but it prevents your knees from getting completely ruined too.

  6. Jill Waals

    Amsterdam (and near Amsterdam) has so many beautiful places. Too bad to see that many tourists still go to places that are not so beautiful at all.
    and the ramparts and coffeshops are actually almost only for tourists sad but true.

  7. Jessica Ruiz

    This is the best channel as far as: it is genuinely interesting, fun, well thought out. Biggest fan here 😃

  8. Hedda Skår Blokhin

    You should be REALLY careful filming or taking pictures in the red light district, its a big known no no. If you pay closer attentions in the windows a lot of the women keep a cup with them. If they need a bathroom break they just close the curtain and pee in the cup, they will then throw the cup on rude tourists that are taking pictures or filming them. Its really common that this happenes

  9. Brianna

    One of the best things in the city is the Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank house experience is hard to put into words, and the coffeeshops aren't legal dispensaries, marijuana has just been highly decriminalized there.

  10. nicolle n.

    I have been to Amsterdam twice now since my husband is Dutch but make sure to go to other areas of the Netherlands like Rotterdam and Giethoorn. I could definitely live there! So much to do and the scenery is beautiful 🙂

  11. DGpranks


  12. Stronzetty

    Just for you to know, it is not very respectful to record the girls in the windows without their consent.

  13. Chris McMahon

    Imagine an Amsterdamer going to New York for the first time, spending 2 days there dining at Applebee's in Times Square and going to the Empire State Building. That's basically what you just did in his city and you called it a travel guide. I like your manager. Please give him a raise.

  14. Meike Meirmans

    I live 20 minutes from Amsterdam and it's so fun to see u doing such touristic things while i do such different things when i'm in amsterdam 🙂 Nice video!

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