(North) Macedonia First Impressions | Skopje Free Walking Tour | Travel Vlog

Our first day exploring the country now officially known as North Macedonia – with Free Skopje Walking Tours we discover…⬇ More Below ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop —

Skopje is such an interesting city to explore! We didn’t expect the most polarising place we’ve ever visited to be in Macedonia / North Macedonia – but we’re glad to be here and taking a free walking tour to get more of an understanding of this country.

Taking a tour of Skopje was vital – there’s so much information to consume, so much history, so many oddly placed statues and layouts that it was definitely the best way to visit and understand how Skopje has become the city it is today to travel. It all just feels a bit random, a bit prepared and incredibly polarising, for all the reasons we mention in the video… but theres definitely some charm that goes with all that and made for an interesting day.

In our last travel video we arrived in North Macedonia and had plenty of conflicting comments from people, not about Skopje itself, but about the name of North Macedonia vs Macedonia. We always research so were well aware of the situation before arriving but the reality is we can’t please everyone. Macedonians don’t want to be called North Macedonia, yet that’s officially what’s been agreed upon and there are a few countries (one in particular) that passionately will not accept the name as Macedonia only. Tricky situation that we can’t win either way regardless of what we say – we highly recommend you give it a Google and learn more if you’re interested.

If you’re visiting Skopje definitely check out Vasko was an awesome guide and showed us all a great time on the walking tour.

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43 Replies to “(North) Macedonia First Impressions | Skopje Free Walking Tour | Travel Vlog”

  1. Aris Karas

    This city is kitsch (and kitsch is even worse than ugly!) – it tries to be historic and neoclassical when it is not. Fortunately it has some open spaces. But almost everything is fake and looks ridiculous. At least, before former president Gruevski destroyed it with his inelegant statues and monuments, it was original.


    What history? They put up statues of Greek, Bulgarian and Albanian heroes! They believe they are descendants of Alexander the Great? Lollolol…So basically it's a fake country. And stop calling it Macedonia.. Macedonia is Greece! Learn your history..

  3. Krzysztof J

    Skopje was damaged by a disastrous earthquake on 70s, i think, thak took thousands of lifes.
    Please bear it mind.
    I haven't beene to Skopje but my friends have – liked it a lot.
    I will come here. What I need is just a bit of time to earn to come to Macedonia.
    Thank you for jour vlogs.

  4. john avlakiotis

    Please mercy,cool and interesting the most polusion city,and one of the most poorest cities in Europe,with the ancient marples and statues from 21st century? Come back to reality and stop the fake travelling experiences

  5. Dimitris Mythos

    Statues and 'Hellenistic' buildings were created via project Skopje 2014 in an attempt to unsuccessfully steal their neighbors' history while in the meantime plunging the country deeper into debt.

  6. adrian colp

    What you name as an agreement is an outrage brake of human rights. This so-called agreement is brought against the will of the Macedonians who rejected it on the referendum held on the 30th of September 2018. All the next political steps carried out by the so-called "legal" Macedonian government are pure fascist political acts which are outrageously breaking the basic human right of every single individual on the Earth to self-determine and self -identify himself as a human being belonging to a particular nationality. All these acts are just rude outrages interfering into the inner matters of a country which should be independent in its decisions. Here we have a classical occupation of Macedonia by a bunch of countries who claim that they represent the international community but actually what they try is to take over the territory of the Republic of Macedonia and carry out their own interest regarding the strategy developing a special war against Russia and in this case this neofascist group of countries, self-named international community are just washing out the Macedonian identity of the Republic of Macedonia, because it contains dangerous for these fascists pro-Slavic character and also pro-Orthodox, and that's why this phase-changed name phase is only the way to final disappearance of Macedonia as country which should be done, according to these fascist plans with further braking of the human rights of Macedonians and brain-washing them to a level to make them disappear as political subject of the modern world. Obviously, you don't try to tell the truth but to just obey these probably already imposed rules by youtube which is part of this mechanism (partly) and you just participate into this brain-washing process, if not of Macedonians then of the rest of the common world who will watch this clip and unconsciously help with the affirmation of this so-called name of my country. What you should do instead if you are really friendly to the Macedonians, is to help them to promote the truth about this historical precedent and really insane act of changing someones name against his own will, supported only by insane people who simply do not have any capability of understanding what human right is or what human dignity is. These humiliations that the Macedonians are going through at the moment can only be understood by those who have also suffered this kind of torture and fascist treatment over them as it is now carried out over us, the Macedonians. I hope the nations who also have suffered from the fascism of the so-called international community will help Macedonia now, to endure and to fight and stand for its own human national rights.

  7. Peter Soleberg

    Guys, make sure you check out Ohrid in Macedonia. And then, def go back to Bulgaria (Veliko Tarnovo, Rila lakes, Bansko and Pirin mountain, Melnik, Buzludzha UFO is stunning, Thracian valley of the Kings, Nessebar+Sozopol+Varna+Balchik+Kaliakra in the summer), also many cute little mountain towns like Etara. There is sooooo much more than just Sofia and Plovdiv

  8. baits

    skopje macedonia is amazing , would have been good to see during business hours and at night didnt see any homeless . that's a real good sign . there is ancient ruins in macedonia as it has so much history . from the ancient macedonians to the balgrians, romans , serbs , ottomans and so on . great clip with lot's of art .

  9. AnarKee

    I bet the tour guide told you that John F. Kennedy is macedonian lol
    They try to claim every public and historical figure to fit their mationalistic narrative 😅

  10. Ilirian Bardhi

    You are only talking about the Slavic part of Skopje which are SLAVS, BUT U also have Albanians there. Remember Mother Teresa an ethnic Albanian and the oldest areas of Skopje which are Albanian areas and the Illyrian castle. However good video

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