Apartment Tour // Cost of Living in Mexico!

How much does it cost for me to live in Mexico? I have been doing some pretty long term traveling lately, and have been living in Guadalajara, Mexico for the past three months. This is a tour of my apartment, and then we telling you exactly how much I pay in expenses here every month. I hope that you find it helpful, or at least interesting!

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22 Replies to “Apartment Tour // Cost of Living in Mexico!”

  1. Abi Gemini

    Hey …. I'm thinking about moving to Mexico….. If you know anything about the country and are willing to share…. Can you hmu please on IG @itzabzii… Thanks 😊😊

  2. charlotte chamberlain

    I stayed in Isla Mujeres cost me around 2100 month that was rent living large eating out every meal yes it was right on the Caribbean sea and a high tourist area. it is amazing how cheap life can be if you are off the ocean my question is what did you do during the day to occupy your time?

  3. Building Buildercip

    I’m from California.
    Anything under $2,000.00 American is cheap for rent. Anything under $4,000.00 a month to live on is cheap.
    I would feel like I was robbing someone to live so cheap.
    Good for you!
    Living so cheap and loving life.

  4. Jimmy Wells

    Too bad the weather is same every day. I need changes in seasons…even a Winter. Give me the mountains over the beach any day!

  5. Eloy Antonio roa sanchez

    Jordan where does it cost more to live Guadalajara, Mexico or Shezhen, China?
    Antonio, the 18 wheeler

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