Day In The Life: Full-Time Travellers & Digital Nomads | Skopje, North Macedonia

A Day In The Life – this is the real side of what it’s like for us as travel YouTubers, digital nomads, content creators and full-time travellers in Skopje, North Macedonia. Discount code & more below ⬇

Today’s vlog is coming to you from Skopje in North Macedonia – we really wanted to show a typical day in the life for us as a couple, full-time travellers and digital nomads… you could also say that we’re travel YouTubers as well, but we’re not really fans of that term, content creators sounds a bit more our style 🙂

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This is pretty good insight into what a day in the life is like for us as a digital nomad, of course it depends where we are in the world and Skopje / North Macedonia is a pretty unique place to be. The other elements that would feature on a typical day, or rotated, would be the gym (when theres a good one and we have time), eating out and maybe just some random walking and exploring. Exploring just isn’t something you can do in a typical day, everyday, we find saving that sense of adventure for a day where we really want to get out and travel and feel inspired to explore further.

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Disclaimer: Ad | Thanks to HMA VPN for making this video and trip to Skopje happen. While they may have sponsored this video, as always our opinions are both genuine and strictly our own.

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Hey, we’re Dane & Stacey! Full-time travellers, digital nomads and content creators from New Zealand. We mix things up between finding the best experiences in more well known destinations and going off the beaten path to underrated travel spots, capturing it all to share. Authentic, genuine, cinematic and informative is our goal — we want you to feel like you’re experiencing the day with us!

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44 Replies to “Day In The Life: Full-Time Travellers & Digital Nomads | Skopje, North Macedonia”

  1. Adam McDermott

    Thank you so much for doing this. It is not all glitz and glamour. Like what you showed, it is a lot of being in front of a laptop trying to not feel trapped in the apartment. A lot of daily life is rather similar to most people – work, grocery shopping, an occasional night out. Just happens to be in a different place every from time to time. Still nice to see and learn about new places and meet new people.

  2. Jumping Places

    You guys are the only travel couple that I watch, usually I find couple channels to be a bit over the top and exaggerated but you guys have always kept it real and been unpretentious and always kept it that way. Also refreshing to see that you can be successful on youtube this way by just keeping it real 😀 Keep it up and never change!

  3. Talgat

    Life is never all glam. It's full of those little moments that fill you're day. It was very interesting to get a peek into what your days are made of.

  4. Talgat

    The screen thing happened to my asus zenbook as well. I was in the middle of watching midnight in Paris and then boom, it all went streaky.

  5. Psychphüq

    Noiice… no beer & no pizza… just coffee, grocery shopping, work & breaking glasses… 😛
    Does Stacey design Trans-Tasman boards or are they NZ only…?

  6. BobToms100

    Hi guys. I'm enjoying watching your travels and BTS. On the broken laptop front, it'd be advisable to buy a cheap plastic one as a backup up to both your good laptops. Perhaps keep it stored in checked luggage in place where it's not going to slide around (velcro?). That way, if one laptop goes down and it can't be fixed for at least a week or so, you've got a backup. I would be stuck without mine and I do know sbdy who has a cheap plastic laptop, so I have a backup.

  7. Husky Squad

    Jc and I laughed so much because we’re identical. Just add our three pups to the mix and husky hair that needs to be groomed and cleaned 🧹😂 sending love guys! ❤️

  8. David Gross

    One last thought. Most of the travel vloggers that I follow could not do a vlog like the one that you just uploaded. They turn on their on vlog personalities and go dancing down the street. I doubt that this is their off vlog personalities. In contrast you don't have special personalities that you assume for your vlogs. We get what you are in real life because that is what you portray. I for one love it!

  9. susan webb

    Oh Stacy, I get isle rage too bad. One lady cornered me her cart up against the meat section once. First I dont eat meat, second I do not like to be confined. it was not pretty. She moved so fast. lol

  10. Bob GUENTHER

    Loved it! Of course the travel videos are always great but to be able and see what you do in between is interesting and funny of course. How much was the glass?😂

  11. Marion Rourou

    Such a great video! I just discovered your channel a few days ago and already love it! It’s so nice to see a normal day and to remind people that it’s not always all glam and perfect content we see on instagram ✌️

  12. Catherine de Seton

    maybe you should learn to create your own flat whites…which of course aren't well known outside of NZ. It was nice to understand how you can afford (yes I know things are cheap-as in certain places) to travel and stay on the road…these little machines have certainly changed how people can have careers anywhere they wish.

  13. Vlad TV

    You guys are awesome! So genuine and humble! Hope you enjoyed North Macedonia and it's so true about the cafes haha they are a restaurant, a bar and a night club all in one 😂

    You guys have inspired me to start my own Travel Vlog! Thank you! Greetings from Australia

  14. Shable

    Around the world youve seen coasts to mountain drifts
    If you wanna be called travelers online, better known with the GYPSY fists! Jk love yall, from VA

  15. J. James

    Such a refreshing episode. Appreciate you guy jumping out of your comfort zone. Feels genuinely transparent yet fun. Any new VPN suggestion is welcome as we've used them since our first few years in China.
    Thanks for this intimate share 🙂
    Best, James and Kim

  16. Anita Riley

    Great vlog! My brother put me on to your channel as you are more “real”….and being Aussies we have a similar sense of humour and way of looking at things.

  17. B. V.

    I wonder if you had the chance of looking up "Coffee Factory" or "7g Cafe" – they specialize in coffee and in my opinion they're the best in the city.

  18. Bojan Grbikj

    Which part of Skopje was your apartment at? I am from Skopje, living in the States, have not been there for 5 years now and I really could not tell. Would not be surprised a lot have changed since I last time visited. Glad you guys had a good time there. Cheers!

  19. Terese Kinast

    Hi again
    Was just thinking….
    Re: coffee. Is a “flat white” just coffee and milk?
    In Slovenia I was able to order that by asking for a “belo kava “. White coffee.
    Not sure how different the language is in Macedonia, but since it was all Yugoslavia once , it might just work !!
    Continued safe travels
    Ps loving all your work as usual!

  20. Terese Kinast

    Should have watched the entire video before commenting!
    You showed our Favorite 🍺!!!
    Lasko is what we drink in Slovenia when visiting the family!! I can taste it now!
    Not a special/ local/small brewery beer at all, but tasty on a hot day in the vineyard!!!

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