heartbreak, one year later.

This video is a reflection on my last year, after letting go of something that was really difficult for me. It was amazing what that led to.
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Last summer I finally pulled the trigger and removed someone from my life that I really cared about. I was scared to do this, but I knew it had to be done because I wasn’t growing and able to move on. In todays video I want to reflect on that decision I made a year ago, how I found myself, and eventually was able to open up.

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30 Replies to “heartbreak, one year later.”

  1. Brittany Dianne

    This is the exact thing that I have been going through for 2 years. He always made me feel not enough and he always pushed me to the back burner. And I’m finally gotten the courage to leave. I’m still going through getting over it and this video has honestly encouraged me to keep going an things are going to get better. The hardest part though is that we now work together. But it’s getting better. I can look at him and not wanna cry. I can treat him like a co worker. I can finally say I can forgive him and myself for allowing it. I’m definitely saving this video for future encouragement that I know I’m gonna need.

  2. Antrax 5.7

    Im a man and I am not ashamed to say that I’m so heartbroken rn. My girlfriend of a year and a half broke up with me in mid December and I still don’t know why. I gave her everything, I would always take her to concerts, the movies, clubs, whatever she wanted. I loved to give her flowers and chocolates on a weekly basis, little presents, allll of my attention and my love. I did sooo much for her, her family was so thankful because they said I treated her like a queen. Idk what I did wrong😭 i miss her so much

  3. CRYSTAL Weaver

    Thank you! You helped me soo much! I literally went through the same thing and was so lost and heartbroken. Thank you for making this video, I am sooo glad I am not alone.

  4. CDG

    I guess the worst thing you can feel is when your self confidence is that low, that a loss of your girlfriend leads to such a devastating mindset which tells you all the time that you not lovable and just not good enough. I'll never gain my happiness through a partner again, life is more than constantly searching. I'm done with this relationship shit

  5. Anne Cayford

    I enjoyed listening to your video. I am a aquarius woman and was dating a Gemini man and we complemented each other so well, until he started breadcrummung me. We went through so many breakups. I had even moved 4 hours away, we still talked on the phone and told him what I needed to stay in the relationship and he still couldn't give me what I wanted. So I broke up with him after Christmas. I am still heartbroken but I'm doing me right now and with divine timing waiting for the man who is proud to be with me. I found your site from another Youtuber. Thanks for your inspiration ❤

  6. G

    I heard of your video today from a tarot reader. Truly what I needed to hear. I've been unable to let go for 2 1/2 years! Thank you-for showing me what can happen if I let go. He has a girlfriend. I've been dating and comparing old guy to every new guy for the past year. What a miserable place to sit in for so long. You have inspired me with your example and empathy/compassion. Mahalo plenty.

  7. i can seeu

    Any girls here looking for a decent guy who's just looking for a decent girl? hit me up, loyal single honest & def a 1 woman man

  8. Jaritzye Alfaro

    It’s so ironic because I literally let go of my on and off boyfriend of 4 years. I was never ready to let go I know I wasn’t okay and no matter what he had all of me even if I broke up with him. This year I was sad i broke it off and i thought I wasn’t done but then.. i realized I was . I woke up one day and told myself I was done. I’m still in a weird sad/relieved place but.. I know I’ll be okay and I know I’ll be happy.

  9. Meghna Bhatia

    Oh my god!! ….i did d same….d fitness class n found myself….i m also an aquarius…totally relatable!

  10. Jenna McCloy

    HoooOooOooOly shit your whole story was exactly my previous relationship from beginning to end from waiting while he was with other girls, being manipulated, saying I was going to leave for months and months, I just ended things about two months ago and I’m doing so much better already. feels good to know we are not alone

  11. Daz Ridgway

    What very nice video. You Help people deal with their problems through your experiences . With need more people like you in this world.

  12. Laura Meniy

    I'm so glad you were able to let go of that unhealthy relationship for you. You're so young and yet you sound so wise!! Congratulations…

  13. Esmeralda Roso

    Im deeply in love with someone that is not sure of what he wants. I’m in a constant battle of maybe’s… that maybe just maybe he’ll change his mind and we’ll built the relationship I always saw in us.

  14. Jesenia Hernandez

    Recently let go of someone who wasn’t good for me, & this video just put so many things into perspective. Thank you so much for putting it out there!

  15. SuperRaffaella1986

    Been through more heartbreaks than relationships … I was so heartbroken after my boyfriend left me and our house after 4 years so I did what you did , built myself up again , moved flat and start to work on myself and my life to a point where I was happy with it … then this guy comes along the same way this Ben does for you …. and as much as I was reluctant at the beginning I slowly started to like him …. and that’s when he ended it with me in the worst way and this unhealthy on and off thing on his terms started so here I am once again feeling like I’m not enough … feeling sad … this guy was nice and different from anyone else so finding myself here is a shock … staring at my phone , moving around … I never thought it would happened with someone so kind and gentle … I will end it . I just can’t right now .

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