Trying EVERY Coffee Shop In SEATTLE

I live in Seattle, the coffee capital of America.. so let’s try out some of the best coffee shops! Seattle is home to Starbucks, which really changed the game in terms of how we consume coffee in America. Naturally, tons of smaller shops started popping up everywhere. Today we are exploring the smaller, unique coffee shops in the city.

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Starbucks Reserve Roastery – 1124 Pike St
I got the Siphon Flight with the Ka’u Hawaii roast
Slate Coffee Roasters – 1309 NE 45th St, Seattle
I got the deconstructed latte. They have 3 locations around Seattle
Moore Coffee – 1930 2nd Ave, Seattle
Best latte art in the city! They also have 3 locations in the greater Seattle area
Ghost Note Coffee – 1623 Bellevue Ave
I got the “Lush Life” this place is so unique and delicious!
Mr. West Cafe and Bar – 2685 NE Village Lane
amazing food and drinks. They have 2 locations in the city
La Marzocco Cafe – 472 1st Ave N
I got the CoffeeMisu. Such a unique and fun space!
The Original Starbucks – 1st & Pike
IF YOU GO HERE – go after the market has closed, there won’t be a line

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32 Replies to “Trying EVERY Coffee Shop In SEATTLE”

  1. Thrift Therapy

    Oh gosh all that coffee in one day XD I love your videos! I grew up in the Seattle suburbs and moved away right after high school so it's like I never truly got to explore the city like a real local. Your videos make me excited to move back home and discover everything new again!

  2. John D

    Monica I always watch your videos start to finish, and I like how they draw me in because your topics and style are interesting and well paced.

  3. SeattleAngel92

    That was a LOT of coffee for one day!!! Thank you for this amazing video! Very entertaining and informative and I always enjoy looking at you just living your life 😅❤💋

  4. Thrift Addict

    The places you went to look really cool, Im going to try that coffee & soda Mr. West this week. You forgot Caffe Ladro and Herkimer Coffee though – both have great lattes ☕

  5. Mereyah Cage

    you are such a talented storyteller and videographer. i just quake over every project you do, even laid back vlogs. you can just tell the effort you put in and it's absolutely prime

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