Off-Grid Cabin with Energy Wheel, Floating Bed & Indoor Climbing Wall

The Zoobox is a fun, innovative and fully off-grid micro cabin with solar power, an energy wheel, well water, a wood stove, and propane for hot water and the heated floor. But what is truly unique about this cabin is that it’s interactive.

The space saving bed is on a pulley system so that it can be stored on the ceiling during the day. The climbing wall and fireman’s pole help you get active indoors, and the energy wheel is hooked up to a dynamo so that you charge the cabin’s batteries as you walk. Finally, the bathtub is in the living room so that bathing can include beautiful views outdoors.

The Zoobox is a 4-season cabin for rent at Le Vertendre in Eastman, Quebec where they have a beautiful property with a lake, and trails to hike into each cabin. To learn more:

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49 Replies to “Off-Grid Cabin with Energy Wheel, Floating Bed & Indoor Climbing Wall”

  1. Pak De

    I like everything except the open shelf system in the kitchen. Anyone who has to clean will quickly get tired of that unless you have a high tolerance for dust on cookware and plates that are not used every day.

  2. Royce Lane

    I've never seen anything like this totally amazing I would probably skip the climbing wall but everything else is perfect oh, I'm sure a lot of welfare recipients that get housing in inner cities could use this let them use the wheel to help create power and actually work to keep their dwelling running possibly a scaled-down version of this would be great in that application as well whoever came up with this idea is a genius

  3. leon dillon

    The human gerbil wheel has been around about 500 years. In the Middle Ages, castle and city walls were built with the help of people powered cranes. Treadmills were used in factories and sometimes had convicts powering them.

  4. HelloWorld

    I don't like this design at all. First of all, you end up cooling and heating a lot of unnecessary space. Second, the place doesn't make u feel at home, it feels like an office as some people have said. Third, the windows don't seem to have a way to close. Sometimes I might not want all that brightness. Fourth, there is a climbing wall and it doesn't look very challenging or interesting. I do like the hamster wheel idea however. In general, it seems more like a summer camp facility than a cozy off the grid cabin. Also it is not a micro cabin. That thing is huge.

  5. Pinin S. PrawHn

    Solar in that area? Not sustainable for every day living space! And could be much more easier, nicer design.
    I love the walking wheel generator. Only interesting add-on to rental design prespective .

  6. Jacob Davies

    In addition to the firemans pole, I think it would be better to have a geared rope pulley system similar to what is inside a GravityLight to lower yourself down on. They could also have one at the top of the climbing wall to lower yourself down. By climbing up and down, all that kinetic energy is being wasted.
    Instead of the wheel, I'd opt for a rowing machine or even a rope pull machine.
    Cool little place though.

  7. jpearl

    Looks neat but I couldn't figure out who would actually stay here… 3 beds and an open bathtub? It's not family friendly with the hanging bed and large heights posing multiple hazards. The mini fridge for 3 beds made me think it's for bachelors? But I mean do guys actually like to watch each other bath??? Lol!

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