Do We Regret Downsizing & Selling Our House? Minimalist Nomad Living

4 years ago we quit our jobs, sold our house and got rid of almost everything we owned. Do we regret our decision?

In this video we’re talking about the pros and cons of our minimalist nomad lifestyle and whether we have any regrets about our decision to go against the grain, quit the rat race, and try something new.

On the positive side, our new lifestyle has allowed us to travel, spend more time together, start our own business, and have more free time.

On the downside, we have no investments, no retirement plan, and we’re constantly on the move. We also feel that some of our friendships have suffered by our frequent absences.

If we had the choice to go back to our previous lifestyle, we both would say no. Despite the many challenges and moments of self-doubt, we’d both still choose to be minimalist digital nomads with the freedom to travel long-term. We’ll let you know if and when that changes!

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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34 Replies to “Do We Regret Downsizing & Selling Our House? Minimalist Nomad Living”

  1. Alexis E.

    I like what you said about happiness. It's been at the most content times in my life when I've made the most drastic decisions for change. Some of them were great, some of them were tumultuous. It's hard to just be. I'm definitely working on building awareness around this feeling.

  2. R Cole

    Of course you’ll have a LOT of FREE time, NOT working! Damn straight you’ll count every penny! When your older, whatcha gonna do?! Hmmm

  3. R Cole

    How is your family accepting your new lifestyle? Believe me! Your being judged in a very negative way…so, you better expect a lot of cold shoulders and be able to live with that, too!

  4. acajudi100

    When you give away, that is a blessing. I worked and used my paid vacations to travel. I am 75 and retired now. Take a video of your stuff, and give it away. I am happy I was able to help generously to non beggars.

  5. The Yarny Caterpillar

    You 'guys' look like a real tide happy couple. Hope this isn't social media staged. 🤣 How are you both now?
    Have you researched bitcoin and alternative crypto's? Can get you fast money, but also lose it quick. But depending how you invest, smart long term tinking. This could be something to provide part of you're retirement in the future.
    Just a tip. But realy do your own research first. Can be tricky if you don't understand computers.

    I don't realy believe retirement the right mentally anyways. As long as you can 'make'/'recieve' money in some way that makes you feel happy. You should continue to do it. Cause you cannot predict the future, how old you'll become. If you become sick or need to help kids, family and friends with money. Just my vision.

    Liked to hear your thoughts on this kind of lifestyle. But you don't need to go tiny just to be happy? What you implied a bit on the end, that people tend to be always looking to the next thing. That is indeed a worrisome mentally of society which I hope, changes in the future. I love to have a homebase and wouldn't want to go without it. Different people different heartwishes I guess.

    I wish you both the best. And those friends, aren't actually friends if they don't put in the effort as much as you do.
    Did you also make new friends along the way? You didn't talked about that in de video.

  6. thomasej85

    the last thing you said is revolutionary for me. I mean it's been in my head for some time but I just couldn't put it just like you did! thanks. God bless you

  7. Nick Staley

    I appreciate the insight from this video, especially when you mentioned the fact that people are instinctively never content with their present situations regardless of how good they really are. It puts my life into perspective, considering my previous outlooks on past job situations in which I would regularly hop from job to job blindly seeking contentment and job satisfaction. Living simply with minimal belongings and a positive perspective has certainly brought forth happiness and a meaningful life for me, in my opinion.

  8. ska punk

    it's funny you claim you don't live in a brick-and-mortar but you doing a brick-and-mortar doing this video now explain that one to me

  9. Jean on the Road

    Not sure what your plans are, but by your age, we were already parents. Nomad life isn't easy with little ones. People do it, but it can be hard. I would not have wanted to miss having a family.

  10. Marianna Mari

    Hello guys, I hope you're doing fine. I need to buy a camera and I have a budget of $700. What camera is good to use with this price ? I want to take photos and videos too. I want to buy a Canon but I am not expert about cameras. Could you guide me and also show your camera please ? The name and model of your camera. Thanks a lot in advance and good luck with your trip.

  11. Marianna Mari

    I enjoy watching your journey and adventure. I follow you carefully. You always have great and useful advice and tips. You both are wonderful people.

  12. Ester Perelló Sentís

    Hello guys, I only found your channel a week ago and by mistake almost, as I was looking into something else (you know how youtube gets lol). Anyway, I am so happy that I found you guys! I feel like I almost know you from watching lots of your videos, I'd love to chat with you in person someday. Especially about what you talk in this video about human happiness, and "the limited amount of happiness a big life chance can bring". I'm staying with this sentence as my partner and I moved to Australia for 1 year to travel and make money while at it, and you're right, when you get used to a certain situation you're always looking at what the next challenge might be, and I think in general we overcomplicate our lives trying to find the perfect situation, but it's never going to be perfect forever… You left me thinking about this, really interesting! Also, very good on you to share your honest feelings and say that your great lifestyle doesn't come with no sacrifices. Keep it up guys! 🙂 PS: If you ever go to Barcelona, please let me know (it's my hometown)

  13. All Things Wavy

    I'm new to the channel and am appreciating that it's here–thanks! I also appreciate this particular video as I start thinking about my own alternatives after an early retirement. Many of the pros/cons you listed here I have also experienced as I've"minimized." Not sure about next steps for me but am open to the possibilities. Great to find your channel!!

  14. Kylie Skye

    Thank you for sharing the positives and the negatives of this lifestyle I will keep them all in mind in my travels! I will be traveling around the U.S. with my boyfriend in a month and have started up a channel to share the whole process!

  15. Pierre Roussin

    But why retire. It's a new concept in the history of humans. The way you live should not include retirement. Let's talk about it 10 years from now. 🙂

  16. c j

    You are lucky enough to have the skills and expertise to get and maintain online jobs, that's why. For the rest of us who don't, this simply isn't possible, bar the occasional temp job which pays poorly.

  17. frank1847

    This is the biggest load of common sense I have heard in a lifetime.

    Not the same thing, but I gave up a well-paid job to become a firefighter because it was there in me.
    In the U K firefighters were poorly paid in the 1970s.
    Do I regret it?. Hell no. If I hadn't taken the plunge as a young man I would always have looked back and wondered.
     As I feel you both would had you had not taken this plunge.
    Having said that you are both extremely brave.

    As I watched this, every time your beautiful Lady smiled into the camera, It made me smile!.
    She has an infectious smile.

    My best to you both.

  18. wzrubicon

    So you are telling us that you are bums? Almost all the states are cracking down on people living in campers. get used to it.

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