NOT Your Typical Morning Routine – Meditation, Journal, Cold Plunge

Not Your Typical Morning Routine – Meditation, Journal, Cold Plunge

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I just watched a few morning routines as I was about to launch this video and I realised this isn’t your typical morning routine. Dang. I thought this was pretty standard actually (not sure why I thought that, I guess I’m stuck in my bubble with my optimised boyfriend doing his routine next to me).

Anywho…here is a routine I absolutely adore so very much and it primes me for my day. Sometimes it takes 45 minutes, sometimes two hours, sometimes I slip up and I get one tiny thing of it done but I try to come back to some sort of variation of this morning routine asap because it makes me so much more productive.

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Sorelle Amore

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39 Replies to “NOT Your Typical Morning Routine – Meditation, Journal, Cold Plunge”

  1. Sorelle Amore

    I just did a quick stalk of other people's morning routines as I was about to release this video aaaaand I didn't realise how weird and unusual my morning routine is. I think because my boyfriend does this kind of an extensive optimised routine, I just forget it's a bubble. Hence why I called it a 'not your typical' morning routine.
    I'm so intrigued now to hear whether you think this routine is super weird and it is very different to yours? Tell me what yours is! 🙂

  2. Meredith Hickey

    Loved watching this! Inspired me to start a morning routine again with things that actually make me happy! Does your boyfriend have a YouTube channel, or could y'all make a video talking a bit about biohacking? Thanks!

  3. Ashley Maria

    Ive missed you. I feel like you have taken a step back from being on socials, as have I so in that case maybe I just havent noticed that youve been around. Anyhow I liked this video. Dealing with really bad depression and anxiety hinders me a lot of the time from following through with routines. I understand how beneficial they can be I just dont know how to combat the dread of completing them that comes with mental illness :'(

  4. Deirdre Fehr

    Which Joe Dispenza meditations have you found most useful ?? Looking to purchase some but not sure which ones ! Awesome video 🙂

  5. Alyssa S

    My problem with videos like these is they seem to come across like you are “less than” if you can’t do a routine like that in the morning. However, the people who show off these routines never seem to hold down high stress non-art jobs where they can’t set their own hours. I’d like to see this implemented with someone who gets repeatedly woken up through the night and still has to get to work by 7:30.

  6. Renee Wells

    can you pleeeeaseeeee do a video on how the heck you organize your schedule, because you're busy so it would be helpful.

  7. Latina Abroad

    Lol! I had to stop the video on the CBD part because I wanted to know what was it about… What world do I live in ??? CBD is legal in California!!!! Getting my dose of cbd soon😂🤣
    You are awesome and all good!!!! Sending love!!!

  8. Hannah Curtis

    My morning routine:
    6:30 wake up
    Use toilet, wash hands and face
    Brush teeth
    Comb hair
    Get dressed
    Pack my stuff
    7:00 leave the house
    I'm not about to get up any earlier because I'm already so tired every morning, no one even needs to try and talk to me in the first hour after I woke up

  9. Wanderful Nomads

    First of all, I needed this video so badly, it's ridiculous. Second, dude you look so hot in that outfit, pure fire <3 😀

  10. WaterCat

    Sorelle, please use sun protection ! Especially in Australia where you’re so close to the Ozone hole. Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, please keep that in mind.

  11. gardenrabbit

    oh mygod i want to throw my phone out ofthe window but the addiction is real. this morning routine is so ideal for me except i'd probably exchange meditation with 30 minute yoga

  12. Barbara Grochowska

    My routine doesn't differ as much as I'm into biohacking too. I wake up at 5AM, TM for 20 minutes, movement (either gym or a quick session at home), cold shower, then either journaling, checking my to-do list for that day or read self-development book I drink bulletproof coffee. Quite often I deal with my side business before I head out to the office.

  13. Sophie Kh

    This comes just in time 😀 usually i meditate in the morning (sometimes more regular, sometimes less :D) today i stared for 30min at my phone instead and ended up being late. Gonna try and get back to meditation again 🙂

  14. Fit BMX

    I start my mornings with Wim Hof breathing and watching something on YouTube that makes me happy while I eat something. I do have a really bad tendency to turn my alarm clock off and fall back asleep.

  15. Morning Marjolaine

    I think my routine is also a little unique too. Similar to yours in some way except for the cold shower. Loads of self time and artistic vibes. Just uploaded it on my channel too and realize I forgot basic details like brushing my teeths and shower hehe.

  16. Eva Baumgartner

    haha I just love love love how you make/edit your videos!! 😀 even if it would contain S*** content, it would be fun to watch BUT its not even S*** content but actually really something I should focus again more on! thanks and love from the alps! 🙂

  17. Becky Aquino

    This is inspiring! Change takes time, but if made a priority, then it will happen and be an integral part of ones life.

  18. gesund erklaert

    wake up around 7 am, oil pulling while dry brushing and then cold shower, brushing teeth, drinking water with himalaya salt, beathwork, meditation and then coffee. journaling didnt worked for me or I didnt found the right way for me to do it…

  19. Julia Wells

    I use my phone as an alarm but I just turn it off and do my morning routine and some time I even forget that it is on the charger and leave for work with out it

  20. Karmen Stendler

    How can you:

    – meditate for 30min
    – make coffee/lemonade
    – write in your morning journal
    – write in your bullet journal
    – poop
    – shower
    – do your makeup

    all in 45-60min? How can all your above mentioned tasks (minus meditation) only take 15 to 30 minutes?

  21. Jovan Vasiljević

    I don't have a morning routine since i usually go to sleep around 5am and wake up at 12pm lol I KNOW! trust me i know i need to change it asap

  22. Jay A

    It's useful to have a biohacker at home isn't it? Hahaha
    Upon waking up between 5:30 and 6:00am I would,
    1. Head to the kitchen to boil some water.
    2. Water my plants.
    3. Brew some coffee (as my first meal is at 3ish).
    4. Pray/meditate.
    5. Enjoy coffee with Mozart (or whomever is free) whilst doing chores.
    6. Head out for a quick 1.5mile run/walk.
    7. Get back home by 7:30, shower, groom and finally turn on my mobile.

  23. fcknormality

    You could do a video on how you pack for a hiking trip. I would really wanna know as i pack loads of things and i cant imagine a minimalist packing less:D

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