Worst Flight Experience (on my birthday) Travel Fail

Starting this new Europe series with a major travel fail. Too many delayed and missed flights traveling from USA to Barcelona.

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29 Replies to “Worst Flight Experience (on my birthday) Travel Fail”

  1. Clay Cassin

    As a former flight attendant, THANK YOU, Steve. Trying to explain how weather delays affect the entire system schedule, even in other cities where the weather is fine, to angry passengers was one of the most frustrating parts of my job. I do understand…I have been a passenger stuck in that situation hundreds of times more than they will ever be in their whole lifetimes. It sucks, I know. Liquor(or legal drug of your choice…hint hint) helps a lot…only as a passenger, of course!

  2. Gabriel Traveler

    Dayuuuum, that was a rough travel day (or more like three days). Looks like the Clatt man lost some hair. What does Clatt mean anyway, is that his last name? Welcome to Europe! (Actually I left three days ago and am now in Turkey.)

  3. Jaycation

    The boyzzzz are back for summer! Always sad to leave the familia man. Wish u fellas didnt have any travel issues but thats the way these airlines operate unfortunately. Excited for the series terry!

  4. Moonlight Mist and Memories

    Dude , so good to see the Fam send off , yeah travel bumps happen , but you handled it the right way , and what a cool hostel , good food , drinks , B Party , and good peeps all around = GOOD TIMES !!! Happy Birthday Steve , hope you're feeling better and Loving Life , Peace …

  5. Live Your Life For You

    Happy bday my guy!! I gotta say you really inspire me and at some point in the future id love to travel with you once im out there. In starting my vids now pre-travel but you do some amazing sh** man. Keep it up!!

  6. Paolo Panetta

    Hey Steve, Happy Birthday!
    I'm actually off to South East Asia for the first time in 3 weeks until Christmas. Will be hitting Thailand/Laos/Vietnam and Cambodia…and it was your Laos video that introduced me to your channel. Love your enthusiasm and positivity..and you do remind me on a young Dave Grohl…haha
    Keep up the good work fella.

  7. N Sa

    Looks like Libation Max B.Day Party that's worth all the flight delays & mishaps (how remorseless of US Airlines Hah!). Fyi, While booking our trip from YYZ to BCL (Barcelona + FR, IT trip of ours in July) In May(&June then Aug- Sep now) we discovered you & couple of other SE Asia (+SL, Ind) Vloggers and followed ur gov invited SL adventures incldn ur TukTuk drive across SL expedition. Enjoy BCL, my best of BCL were Gothic Quarter, la Sagarda familia, Parc Guell (the peak observation point fully hidden w tiny Espanol sign only don't miss it like too many do), Beach end part of las Ramblas, Cataluna Sq & magic fountain show, modernist bldngs+ tapas & Paella etc enjoy & Happy B.Day

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