LAOS ON A LOW BUDGET – Ep 2 Luang Prabang – Kuang Si Falls

Laos is a beautiful country on the main backpacker route through Southeast Asia.

East of Thailand, West of Vietnam, and North of Cambodia – it’s right in the middle of all these popular countries that many travelers visit in SE Asia.

In this second episode of the series I hang out with The NYC Couple and we go explore Kuang Si Falls in Luang Prabang. We end the day back in town in the street markets stuffing our faces with a cheap delicious street food buffet.

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48 Replies to “LAOS ON A LOW BUDGET – Ep 2 Luang Prabang – Kuang Si Falls”

  1. Wendy S

    Omg!! We’re u there for Christmas? It’s beautiful. Love traveling with u all the way from Texas! Happy New Year!

  2. Peter Ohman

    I am heading to Burma soon, I liked your videos on Burma.
    Those waterfalls look great, I have been to the ones to the north of the city twice, looks like I have to go back again.

  3. The NYC Couple

    6:40 some serious "nippage" – great video Steve!! haha, the TP tip, that's where you disappeared to – LMFAO loved the slomo porno music bit

  4. Divert Living

    haha this is great! i just found your channel! i wish i would have been able to make it up north in lao. the country has some beautiful mountains!

  5. Wayne Samuel

    Good advice. Always take toilet paper with you especially on the overnight trains. The food down the alley is cheap. There are huge muffins and breads near the entrance. Only issue is it gets crowded and technically you're supposed to eat adjacent from where you bought your food otherwise they will tell you that is their table for their own customers. Where can a guy eat when the tables where he just bought his food are full with people eating?


    Steve…i like your clips but u two have to stop acting like effeminate…european-ish…metrosexual pro obama soy boys. This is not a mainstream american male persona.

  7. makeyourdayscount

    Hi steve, great video! I'm looking to do a trip from Chang Mai – Laos and then either onto Vietnam or Cambodia and then Malaysia. Which order do you think is best, Laos to Vietnam then onto Cambodia or Laos to Cambodia then onto Vietnam? thanks 🙂

  8. Makeup Lover

    Love 💕 ur videos …I can’t wait till next month me n my whole family’s will be going to Laos n Thailand….

  9. Michael Rey Aunzo

    Great video but when I saw that you did not follow the rule when it was clearly stated that you should not enter that area was kind of negative for me. All tourists should follow rules it the same thing with respecting the local culture. 🙂

  10. Ruby Wee

    steve my compliments to you me and my wife love travelling we do it every year this year its to myanmar and thailand 16 days private tour your videos are so fun to look at and video quality is superb u got a great sense of humor which make your videos even more fun to watch nice one man hope u never stop doing what you do

  11. Nick Brown

    I have watched a few of your videos now and enjoyed them all, relaxed, informative and some good camera work, I have a question for you…I have been making a few trips around se asia like you and travel around quite a bit once I am there, like you, and also take a few cameras and a gopro, probably similar to you, do you use a good suitcase which offers all your camera gear protection or do you prefer to use a large backpack, you seem like the right person to ask for advice with this, I currently use a samsonite suitcase but wondered if I should switch to something different. Thanks, from London.

  12. moua8789

    I've been to laos more than 6 times and have always wanted to go to luang prabang.. after watching this…I'm going for sure in october.. awesome vid

  13. Sonam Chwoedon

    I surely found your video fun but God i loved you . Your excited face ahhhh sweet . Anyways i am planing to visit Laos for my winter break so was checking some videos just to help me plan the trip accordingly . Thanx it was informative and the waterfall is a killer .

  14. Phet Indra

    Very good job, Steve. I think this is the best vlog with Kuang Si waterfall I ever seen. Great video. I was born in LPB, so I really mean it.

  15. Rezaul Karim

    What you've seen are nice but it's man-made refined one. If you like to see something raw in nature, then Chittagong Hill tracts are the best…. Remember it's tough and wild..

  16. T sacdrone

    Yo. You said comment so I am . your videos are dope bro I really enjoy these they motivate me to visit new places when I visit Southeast Asia where you at now why is there been a gap with your postings let us know

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