Is Belgian Food Good? YES! 😍 Brussels DIY Food Tour in Belgium

We’re in Brussels on a DIY food tour tour and we can confirm, Belgium is epic and Belgian food is absolutely amazing! This is treat heaven…⬇ More Below ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop —

It’s day 1 in Brussels and the best way to become acquainted with Belgium is to taste as much food as possible! Before we booked travel plans to Belgium we’d been told by so many people how incredible Brussels was, it’s a destination that’s been on our must travel list for so long now. It made sense that a DIY food tour was in order to taste our way around the city and see if Belgian food lives up to it’s reputation… thats a firm yes. It totally does.

The first thing we noticed is Brussels is a stunning city and quickly has become one of our favs. Todays vlog is all about the food of Belgium and Brussels but the next few vlogs will show more of our adventures as we travel more of the city exploring the various sites and see what really makes Brussels tick.

You’ll love Brussels as much as us, we highly recommend you check it out! There’s loads of info on the Visit Brussels website:

Waffles in particular were the winner of the day for us. Turns out we only ever really knew about the Brussels waffle, but Leige waffles have changed our lives… they are absolutely heavenly and typing this right now we wish there was one in our hands 🤣

Disclaimer: Ad | This video was made possible by Visit Brussels. As always, our opinions are both genuine and strictly our own.

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29 Replies to “Is Belgian Food Good? YES! 😍 Brussels DIY Food Tour in Belgium”

  1. lailaagrado

    And no beer? What is up with that? We are not gonna accept it! Especially in the country of more than 60 types of beers! We are going on protest! Beer! Beer! Beer!

  2. Ray Pich

    Hmm… Freshly made Belgian waffles, looks delicious!  Lucky people got to travel everywhere!  Daneger, you have awesome facial expression while speaking.

  3. Martin C.

    Now, just how scared are you, knowing she is good at throwing an axe? 😛

    Very nice video showcasing the city. The food was definitely one of the highlights of my trip there!

  4. Dianne Williamson

    Good overview of the heart of Brussels, such a wonderful city to explore on foot. I hope you visit Bruges, too. It's totally wonderful and even more waffles, chocolates, frites, beer, and lace.

  5. Psychphüq

    Definitely the "people's" waffles from Liége for walking snacks…🤗
    Sauce Andalusian for the drivers is even less touristy (and delicious)…🤓
    Did you venture into Café Delirium… Cutest label for 🍺 (has a pink elephant)

  6. Ginger Love

    Your facial expressions when you are eating the waffles are so cute!!! I think the 1 person who unliked this video is just a jealous bunny who wants waffles too!

  7. Rex Waldron

    Hey this brought back happy memories of staying with my brother and his family when he lived and worked in Brussels in the early 2000s. Belgian chocolate has to be the ultimate temptation and the waffles too. Don't forget Belgian beer – there are some awesome brands! One thing we were told to watch out for is the fact that Belgium is a bi-lingual country, – some speak French, some speak Flemish and it's best not to assume either!! Great video as always and 2:13 LOL 🙂

  8. John M

    Rabbit is on most menus in Belgium. I hope you try it and let us know what you think. I found the sweet dishes better than the savoury in Belgium.

  9. Les 1266

    Such a relaxed city and you too looked right at home. Belgian Kriek fruit beer btw is like nothing else on Earth… I couldn't drink it but my brother who lived in Brussels swore by it. Especially if it was more than a few years old. Great vlog. Really enjoyed seeing the city again.

  10. p mett

    Love Belgium returning there for a few days next week, but going to be more based around Ypres and Flanders which I it love my last visit was amazing food and lovely people and tunning countryside full of history

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