WEEKEND IN MY LIFE: We Moved into a Tent!

This past weekend we decided to take a trip upstate NY to Collective Retreats in Hudson Valley for a little getaway. I hope you enjoy. ps. highly recommend glamping :p



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46 Replies to “WEEKEND IN MY LIFE: We Moved into a Tent!”

  1. Gresha K

    This small vacation seemed so calm and relaxing. Lately I feel like I need a getaway from my crazy busy life and I don’t want to go to the city or anything. I just want to chill and relax and this seems like a perfect place to go! If only I lived in New York lol. Loved this vlog!

  2. Tara Saxon

    they call the (bags) cornhole in the south. when i first heard it and seen the game i was like hmmm….is there a inside reason yall call it cornhole??? lmfao

  3. Rachel Lynne

    I never comment on videos but i just had to comment because i loved this vlog so much. I can genuinely see how happy you are and how much fun you and Patrick have together and I love it!

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