Irish Food Festival Road Trip 🚙 Carrick A Rede Rope Bridge | Northern Ireland x Taste the Island

We’re in Northern Ireland for the Taste the Island food festival, road trip starting! Today we start in Belfast with some food and then head to Carrick A Rede Rope Bridge to see…⬇ More Below ⬇

We love food as much as the next person, so when we heard the best of the food from Ireland and Northern Ireland was part of a festival we knew we had to get here! Taste the Island is a multi month food festival to celebrate food and drink — so we’re here to eat as we possibly can!

We start off in Belfast for our first few food tastings before jumping in our rental car and heading to Carrick A Rede Rope Bridge along the Causeway Coastal Route. The Causeway Coastal Route is a huge strip of coastal road along some of the most amazing scenery! Carrick A Rede Rope Bridge is one of the most well known stops along the route and was one of our favourite moments walking across the bridge.

The food of Ireland and Northern Ireland is exceptional and we’ve got some incredible experiences to share over the next few food videos!

Disclaimer: This was a partnership with Tourism Ireland, allowing us to share the experience with you. Of course as always our opinions, content and experiences are genuine.

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24 Replies to “Irish Food Festival Road Trip 🚙 Carrick A Rede Rope Bridge | Northern Ireland x Taste the Island”

  1. Baking Sweet Hope

    You kids were particularly adorable In this vlog. You just seemed so relaxed and appreciative of the adventure. Clearly Ireland and all that delicious food agrees with you! That bridge walk looked amazing.

  2. Fiona Hanton

    Aww so good to see you guys back in Northern Ireland. I am from there but have been travelling in S.E Asia the past few years and now in Aus, so seeing some of home means a lot. Thanks for the great video. Also, Bushmills Inn is one of my favourite restaurants in N.I.

  3. Rachel Moran

    Further along the coast, Harry's Shack does amazing food. Spent a long weekend in Belfast a few weeks ago and ate some of the best food I've ever had. Still eating the cheese I brought back. Yum.

  4. Carol Fields

    Dunluce castle is so beautiful it is one of those destinations that has to be seen in person to truly experience how incredible it is. Ireland has so much to offer, one can't help but see something around every turn!

  5. Rex Waldron

    You both seemed truly into your day here and I can see why! You managed to visit some really contrasting places, from that amazing old market to the stunning coastal locations and then a posh meal to round things off. Point is, to do all that and film it so beautifully takes real dedication and energy, so kudos to you both (as always) 🙂

  6. weeddegree

    england, ireland, northern ireland, scotland and wales.. we should be proud of our nations. we all get a bad rep in some way but the landscape makes up for it.

  7. Russ Cattell

    You asked the question "did you know Ireland is so beautiful " for me, before you tube travel vlogs I partly knew some from the scenery from Irish car rallies & Irish motorcycle road racing.
    Oh also my father lived out his last 25 + years in Co Kerry. His ashes I scattered in the surf of Inch beach where we drank his last bottle of whiskey in salute !

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