So you’re planning a trip to Vietnam, but not sure where to start. In this video I give you a breakdown of everything you need to know prior to leaving for your trip.

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38 Replies to “HOW TO TRAVEL VIETNAM 2019”

  1. Travelling Baba G

    Morning beautiful soul 😊 another great video well done. Just a quick one would the international adapter that you mention would it work throughout south east Asia I am visiting Nepal and info and then Sri Lanka Cambodia Laos and then Vietnam and Thailand I see it works in some of Those countries as the manufacturer lists them just seeing from your experience about the others. Have a blessed and beautiful day Har Har Mahadev 😊🙏

  2. Tony Stark

    WOW !! Love your white dress…you are FLOWING….. Plan a trip to Northern Portugal Valenca and Galicia in Spain , right on top of Portugal. I'll be your personal tour guide. If you like remote Pristine Beaches you will fall in Love..

  3. jaymeez

    Actually a converter is only necessary if you have electronics that require a specific voltage usually hair dryer or curling iron. But most electronics such as phones laptops battery chargers cameras etc can be charged at both 220 or 110.

  4. bwise55

    No mention of Da Nang or Camron Bay is weird….Da Nang is the best city to visit cause it offers everything and you can rent scooters and drive up to Hoi An….the drive isn’t scary and quite fun to Hoi An….also you get to stop at monkey mountain which is awesome for photos…lady budda inDa Nang is a fun scooter ride with photo opportunities like crazy and don’t forget the bridges of Da Nang!


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  6. Hieu Trung

    Bạn cần một người bạn Việt Nam cho những chuyến đi. Và video rất đẹp và vietsub cho những người Việt Nam ủng hộ bạn .

  7. lee smith

    thank you so much for the insite steph your a true blessing. iam teaching English over there in January cant wait!. thanks for the vid hope your well and be safe peace and love..

  8. Ngoc Tuan

    I really like your channel. I think you need a description for each part. This channel is very useful for everyboday in VietNam that want to study English language. So, subtitle is very important. Tks you so much!

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