14 Years Living Off-Grid in a Yurt – Man Shares Real Life Experience

14 years ago, David quit his job at a Toronto brokerage firm and retreated to the land where he grew up to live in his 24-foot yurt full-time and fully off-grid. He has a rainwater catchment system and a hand pump for his water, solar panels and a wind turbine for power, a woodstove for heat, and a urine diverting toilet and mini bathtub in his bathroom. But he also has a couple of modern conveniences like WiFi and a propane hot water heater.

In this video, David shares why he chose this lifestyle, some of the ups and downs he’s experienced along the way, and how he earns money as a multi-day canoe tripping guide and outfitter.

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31 Replies to “14 Years Living Off-Grid in a Yurt – Man Shares Real Life Experience”

  1. tones kentkorn

    Serious question: what does one do, and at what point is a person to old and capable of living like this ?? While it has it's advantages financially and stress wise – how long can you pump water 400xs daily etc…??? I'm just curious and really trying to imagine the long term effects/consequences – the realities – the time frame on something like this.

  2. Christian Nyman

    If you use lead acid batteries old or new get a proper de-sulphator, like the Battery Life Saver, you can restore older batteries and you prolong your battery lifetime a lot. Nice video.

  3. JJ Flash

    "I was working at my Family's Brokerage Firm"…"I am living in a Yurt on my Family's Farm Property." Sounds like this Guy has a trust fund. Nothing wrong with it, but it's obvious how he's able to do this and live comfortably.

  4. g a

    In the old farm houses, the well was inside the house, under the kitchen sink that had a hand pump. I lived in two houses with wells under them. They didn't freeze because they were heated in the crawl spaces.

  5. phuzisham

    Hah…"there wasn't a lot of money" next sentence "so when I had the barns rebuilt". Dude don't lie about it. You obviously have plenty of family money. Still cool that you're trying to live different.

  6. ElNo's World

    So I don't know if there's a way to give this guy a message or if he's going to see this because he's somehow tapped into any alerts of new comments I'm thinking he probably isn't but I really think that this is a phenomenal idea for him I know it's one that I wholeheartedly embrace because as much as I love an earthship I really didn't like that it was linear and that the design wasn't as flexible as this one is and I really think this resonates the most for me because I think it's probably more practical everything in nature is circular and that's the natural rhythm that's how energy travels I think it's more cohesive with the resonance of the Earth and life itself whereas in earthship kind of reminiscent of a coffin and I never really thought about it that way until I started writing this message but I had really wanted to go and do the workshop first of all it was so ridiculously expensive way overpriced and they were basically using those classes as slave labor to put up new structures and they were charging astronomical amounts of money for people to have the experience by Airbnb it and I really was frustrated because I wanted so badly to go and I thought these people have really gotten their heads so fat that I don't know how they can get through the front door. very heartless very cold and I didn't like the energy of the individuals who originated this idea which is really basic yeah there's some great ideas in the original but I really think that things could have been approved upon and lo and behold I saw this video and I thought absolutely The only thing that I don't agree with is the concrete because I know that in itself is toxic not really earth friendly either and there are other options. I may do other things differently if I ever have the opportunity but I think that this design or something very similar to it is so amazing and I actually think it be more cost effective and for sure what he's looking for which is essentially timeless so I'm going to post the video down here and just maybe you guys will see to it that he gets it he may have already seen it for all I know


  7. Paige Mull

    👋🏻 Hello Friend. I enjoyed your video. My husband and I were fortunate to be able to vacation in a yurt and we absolutely loved it! You have a lovely slice of heaven.

  8. Sven-Henning Gunner-Svensson

    Hi David. My mane is Sven and I live in Denmark. I’v just watched your video and I love your enthusiasm regarding living in a yurt. It is very inspiring : ) I’m currently building a 23 ft yurt of my own, which will be a temporary home for me to live in (3 years i think), until I’m going to build – An Earth Shelter… How about that : ) – Do you know about John Hait, the guy that in the 80’, in Montana improved the earth shelter/earthship concert, in a cowork with NASA, by adding an underground insulated umbrella: the ‘passiv annual heat storage’ (PAHS)? You should really check him out and, if possible, get in touch with him. If you do, give me a heads up. Next year, I am with my team, going to build a 0-energy greenhouse. A walipini underground greenhouse combined with the umbrella house concept, which also, in my opinion, can be used to live in. I am not often on YouTube, so please if you want to get in touch, use my email address: svennehgs@gmail.com. I’m looking forward to here from you. Best regards, Sven

  9. Bart Fart

    I worked for my family's brokerage firm, then I quit.
    Now, I live in my father's farm.
    I'm a grown up. LOL
    dude, lives off his family.
    after quitting a job at his father's brokerage firm, he lives RENT Free on his father's Land. (For the last 14 years)

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