INSIDE a $46 Million Minimalist Beverly Hills MEGA MANSION

Inside a $46 Million Minimalist Beverly Hills Mega Mansion!
LG LED 4K CineBeam HU70LA –

I give you an exclusive luxury house tour at one of Beverly Hills most luxurious million dollar listing mansions and one of the most expensive mansions in the United States: 1966 Carla Ridge. Let me know if you want to see New York Townhouses or Mega Mansions in the next tour!!

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Filmed, Edited and Produced By EBC PRODUCTIONS LLC, NYC 2019

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50 Replies to “INSIDE a $46 Million Minimalist Beverly Hills MEGA MANSION”

  1. mario rivas

    I really don't get nowadays minimalist decoration and house build… Way too open and the lack of walls… Looks like anyone would have been capable of build it

  2. Victor Emanuel

    Actually I wouldn't like to live in some place like that. It looks so empty… I mean of course it's probably for sale and no one is leaving there now but even if you have a wife, four children, two cousins and the employees, it looks too big and empty anyway. I really prefer something smaller

  3. Ben Bethel

    Interesting…. I would have focused on those views more when it came to the design… it's just too simple and lacks soul and actual design elements. It's more about the square footage than it is about sexiness like Lautner's Sheats-Goldstein residence… and the home directly in front of this home (with all those pine trees) is owned by good friends of mine… it's quite incredible, with so much character… you enter into a giant window looking at the Hollywood sign, then go down a spiral staircase into the home and are greeted by a giant window that looks into the deep end of their pool… it's really the star of that neighborhood.

  4. Tgon Mwort

    This home and the landscaping are awesome. But when I look at Bill Gates mansion home, it looks like a pile of wood painted white in the middle of a green forest. I don't get it.

  5. Ciecie Newson

    The layout and features of this house make so much sense. Nothing ostentatious. This is where I could easily see making home if I had a couple of billions of dollars. ~Smile!

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