how to pack for 3 weeks backpacking in europe!

*Use code Elena25 to get 25% off your first order of Care/of! Don’t forget to try out Care/Of and t ake the quiz at and get your recommendation* Hi friends!! I decided to do a unpacking video upon request of all the things I packed in my Osprey Fairview 55L during my trip in Europe! Keep in mind that this is my attempt to pack light while still having some *cute* outfit options!

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44 Replies to “how to pack for 3 weeks backpacking in europe!”

  1. Sophie De Bruin

    Packing tip: If you're travelling during winter seasons, back some tights/stockings to wear underneath your jeans/pants! Super thin and easy to roll up and keep you extra snug and warm!!! ❤️

  2. luciavillegas

    love the video! i'd suggest also packing a reusable water bottle, and possibly a small container for food + reusable cutlery if you're planning to eat takeaway outside (spring/summer), or if you're like me and finish half of your dinner at home!

  3. Meggan Benoit

    Girl thank you soooo much for this video! I’m going to France in April for a month and a half! Plus I just purchased the same osprey backpack! I’m so excited😍😍

  4. Veni Vidi Amavi

    so happy this was re-uploaded(: so helpful! And I don’t wanna be a hater but I work on the ramp at the airport and I hate those osprey bags bc they’re bulky and always hella heavy and they’re hard to chuck in the bins! And my other job i actually used to sell those bags to people, so I really did myself dirty I guess 😂😂

  5. Phoebe Dan

    Your other packing video for a month in a backpack was the first ever video I watched of yours, so this is kind of a throwback and I am so grateful for that video because it led me to discover your channel and now you are one of my favorite youtubers !!

  6. Graciela Alverio

    So.. I just finished watching this video and my 3-year-old sister sat beside. She asked what's your name and I said "her name's Elena." She answered back "mommy Elena?" 😂 IDK why, but I find it funny and adorable that she called you "mommy Elena" ❤

  7. Anton Boludo

    I am a guy, so I pack one week's worth of clothes and basic toiletries. I then depend on laundry facilities in the countries I visit in order to keep my clothes clean. I can also buy soap, shaving cream and such things in said countries.

    My rucksak is carry-on luggage. 10 kg max.

    As a girl, though, packing light will be more difficult for you 😉

    Cheers! 😀 

    Happy Hallowe'en!

  8. diane shelton

    1st things first, don’t back pack. Back packs are heavy, awkward and a roll on suitcase gets you to the same places with a lot less hassle. Having done both, hand luggage roll on suitcases rock, and I have done both, and roll on beats suitcases any journey. 3 weeks in a Europe with a hand luggage roll on no problem.
    Also no broken back at the end!

  9. Delphine Blijleven

    Hi 🙂 weird question maybe, but do you wash your clothes somewhere while traveling? I mean, if not, you'd literally have to pack a ton of underwear and socks for traveling 3 weeks! Or do you use some soap and water from the hostel and let it air – dry ?
    Love your channel btw <3

  10. Lucky Charm

    How many clothes did you bring i always over pack I go every year to go back home to New Jersey from Arizona for a month of august, I am 31 4'11 i want style up. We go down Jersey shore.

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