My Travel Routine – Seattle to New York

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In todays video I am showing you a typical travel day routine for me! I actually got the chance to change my flight to later in the day, so that gave me some time to film this for you all.

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44 Replies to “My Travel Routine – Seattle to New York”

  1. ItsK4te

    We have the same flight routine! I fly coast to coast often and I’m always trying to hydrate before then stay put in my window seat the whole 6hrs 😅

  2. Komi’s Kitchenette

    Monica, you should make a vlog on ur travel experience , for example , if u ever go on ur next trip, maybe book a business class and make a vlog on ur experience with it. I think it’s interesting ! 😊

  3. Tall Random Guy

    Even though most of your audience is female and your content mostly relates to them, your channel seriously has such a vibe to it. It's always so aesthetically pleasing to watch even as a dude.

  4. zziggy808

    Sorry Monica. Love you but I need a soap box moment. You don’t need vitamins if you eat well. Vitamins are in the foods we eat. Veggies, fruits, proteins, dairy. Vitamins are a placebo affect.

    Love it that the brand had biodegradable baggies cause it worries me when I see that this brand individually wraps them.
    Still most people toss them in the trash so it’s bunch of whatever.

  5. Ashley Brown

    I know you gotta pay the bills and sponsorships are important but you’re sponsoring a product that most people don’t necessarily need. We get all the vitamins we need from our diet (unless you eat poorly) and anything extra we get just gets filtered out by the kidneys. Only a doctor will be able to tell if you’re deficient in certain vitamins and need a supplement. Generic vitamins are a scam and waste of money if you don’t need them 🙁 I took vitamins for so long because I thought I needed them and then did a research paper on the subject for my chem class and I was shocked to find this out. I love the video though! You always have the most aesthetic shots ❤️

  6. Annie

    MONICA … you really should be taking a MINIMUM of 1,000mgs of VIT C daily. You can take much more if so desired (never more than 1,000mgs per waking hour though) especially to ward off colds and flu, but even just 1,000mgs a day will help ENORMOUSLY with anti-ageing … especially facial wrinkles. 👌👍😍💖

  7. Carole M

    Hi, be careful with vitamines. It’s better to go see your doctor and see with him what is good for you and not a quizz from a website who knows nothing about your health. Most of the time you don’t need vitamines and it can be dangerous if you’re not careful about what you take !!

  8. Alyssa Hinsinger

    I do the same thing with drinking a ton of water early so I can avoid the bathroom as much as possible on long flights! Also, where is your checked bag from? I’m looking for a new one!

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