Edinburgh In A Day – Tasting Haggis & Edinburgh Castle | Scotland Travel Vlog [Ad]

We’re back in Scotland and exploring Edinburgh! There’s so many things to do but Edinburgh Castle is right up there.. tasting haggis has to be…⬇ More Below ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop —

Ahhh Scotland, we missed you! Despite knowing how amazing Edinburgh is, and the amount of things to do in Edinburgh, we sadly didn’t make it here on our trip to Scotland a few months ago. Here’s the full playlist from that trip if you want to see us explore more of beautiful Scotland:

Today we’re back in Scotland and have a day to explore the amazing Edinburgh. To start things off we had a little confession about haggis, we actually hadn’t tried it yet! Haggis surprised us a lot and even though the ingredients is telling us we should hate it, haggis is genuinely really tasty. The day in Edinburgh only just started and Scotland is delivering the surprise goods again, just like last time.

Edinburgh is a big ol city with plenty of things to do, so we had to be selective over what we would plan in. There’s no chance we’d get to see everything in a day, but we loved the things we did get to anyway.

Our accommodation and the breakfast spot in the morning is called Tigerlilly, check out the reviews and pricing here: And see their site here:

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40 Replies to “Edinburgh In A Day – Tasting Haggis & Edinburgh Castle | Scotland Travel Vlog [Ad]”

  1. Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_average

    I got there in September,missed the fun of the Military parade,was quite disappointed in Edinburgh Castle,it seemed like it had too many modern touches,i went to castle in Holland,that still looked like it was in the 12th century when it was built. besides the advent of electricity.

  2. Martin McCann

    Aww thank you both for coming back to our Bonnie Scotland. I loved your last visit video blogs. Hope you make it back for a 3rd time. Enjoy Mexico and safe travels! Haste ye back! (Scottish for see you soon) haha Andy Stewart also has a song "Haste ye Back" also next visit make sure you visit Arbroath, home of the Arbroath Smokie (Don't tell locals from Auchmithie this news)

  3. David Reid

    To really experience Edinburgh at its best you have to go in August whist the Edinburgh Festival is on – it’s the biggest festival of the arts in the whole world… And you need a week, at least. Also, don’t just stick to the old town, explore all the areas in the New Town, Leith, Stockbridge, Dean Village, Holyrood Park, The Meadows and beyond.

  4. JuicyVeganDwarf

    I’m just the other side of the water from Edinburgh. I think I mentioned before when you guys were all galavanting around my neck of the woods in the East Neuk.

    Despite living so close we never really go to Edinburgh, maybe we should visit soon.

  5. Sophie Murray

    I’ve lived in Scotland my whole life, been to Edinburgh loads of times and I still get that “woah” moment every time I turn a corner and see the castle looming over the city. Away back down for the Christmas markets soon and I can’t wait. So nice to see people falling in love with Scotland as much as we who are lucky to live here already do. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  6. Cheezsoup

    £16 on the bus and going into the castle, you must be minted . An all day pass on the bus (OK not the tourist job with the cut of top and the nice music) is about £4 .
    The castle used to be free to anywhere but now it's just the esplanade that's free; going into the castle itself costs ,what seems like, an arm and a leg, well £17.50 (£31.00 if you join one of the guided tours).

  7. Paul L

    Tiger lily is NOT the place to eat haggis. That's breakfast fry up haggis, not the real stuff. Try it in a real place, and I think you'll be surprised how good it is

  8. Leon and Miek

    Thanks for sharing. We (unfortunately) just left the country after traveling for 9 months. We did last winter in our van in Scotland, but prefer a bit warmer weather this winter hehe.

  9. Lorraine Quinn

    You two are an absolute joy to watch!!! Your enthusiam & genuine love for Scotland makes me very proud. Wish the weather was better for you, sadly we're used to it 🤪 Love & blessings to you both 💖

  10. Brian Eastman

    Was in Scotland in October of this year 2019 loved every part of if from Liverpool to Glasgow, Edingburgh, Inverness then to lock Ness and back down to Clydebank its a trip that has to be done by road hire a vehicle the scenery is breath taking the people are fantastic its just a great place cant wait to go back

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