I Let Store Employees Pick My Outfits… And This Is What Happened

I was tired of my outfits and style, so I went to my favorite clothing stores and let employees pick my outfits, and this is how it turned out! I went to 3 stores: Urban Outfitters, Aritzia, and Forever 21. How do you think they did?!
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39 Replies to “I Let Store Employees Pick My Outfits… And This Is What Happened”

  1. Mia S

    Why do you always take the car to everything?? You seem like a healthy fit young woman but still never consider to walk or take a bus. Sorry but as an austrian, it is super weird to see that all american youtubers don't take climate change serious… Also- going so much shopping is not a good thing to promote, most of the stores you went into sell stuff that comes from child labour:/ PS:Pls don't take this personal!

  2. M•s.k/ M•*•*•*•

    I would do so well if someone asked me to style them like wow I’d be so excited 😆

    Anyways well if anyone wants me to style them like, send u pics of what to wear u can ask me u know id be glad
    (I hope whoever reads this doesn’t find this weird and that someone will ask)

  3. Kiwi Green

    I don't get why most of them (besides the one from Aritzia) are so weirded out by that question. I once worked in retail and it is literally their Job to assit people to find cool clothes???

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