NYC GUIDE: UPPER EAST SIDE Manhattan | Our Favorite Places

Thanks for watching episode 4 of our new series, “Our Favorite Places” I hope this helped 🙂
Where should we go next?!

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**With help from Kyle Lieberman Photography-
Watch Episode 1 to explore Dumbo, Brooklyn-

Watch Episode 2 to explore SoHo, Manhattan-

Watch Episode 3 to explore Greenwich Village-

Some Places Mentioned:
Central Park- “The Mall” & Bethesda Fountain
Serendipity 3-
The Met-
5th Ave/Madison Ave Shopping
Dylan’s Candy Bar-
Gossip Girl Locations-
The Met Steps
The Lotte Palace Hotel-
The Empire Hotel-
The Smith NYC-
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49 Replies to “NYC GUIDE: UPPER EAST SIDE Manhattan | Our Favorite Places”

  1. dallas ramani

    nice one,i am planning to visit new york city and surrounding area, please give me some necessary tips for this ,thks

  2. Michael Elliott

    Love these videos. We are visiting NYC in January 2019 from Australia and I am enjoying watching your tips of each area. Thank you for making researching New York so much easier.

  3. Samara Carvalho

    I like this vlog because let me to know a little bit of NY. Also, I've never been before in USA, then, I love this kind of video! Abraços desde do Brasil!

  4. Eduno Eduno

    i'm torn because i like how informative the videos are but i can't stand the level of basic bitch trendy try hards you and your shitty friends are. can you edit these videos where there are no shots of you turds and only have text, no voice? that would be ameeezing!

  5. ThisIsCat Sousa

    I actually stayed at the Palace Hotel when i went to NY and because of a problem they had, they put us in a presidential suit for a regular price that hotel is beautiful with a perfect view!!

  6. D'Afrique Rousseau

    UES all the way baby! I lived in Chelsea, SoHo, Tribeca…the UES is so posh I love it! Come see for yourself! The greatest neighborhood in the world's greatest city! See for yourself

  7. Pablo Sergio Rivera

    I apologize, but none of these are in the Upper East Side. More like Upper Midtown East or bordering Yorkville.

  8. Laura Gonzalez

    I like the vids!!! Could you in the next one describe the street numbers or the address so it could be easier to get to the places!! Thank you I really enjoy your channel!!

  9. Τζακυνθος Φριτοπουλος

    I used to live here when I was in the US and it’s definitely the safest part of the city as well.

  10. Ivan Schenkenberg

    OMG – just another smug – watch me Gossip Girl – I stopped this video after 26 sec and I strongly recommend you not to even start it.  It´s all bull shit, unless your are a girl, stupid and blond. And that´s goes hand in hand

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