Engineer Living in a Beautiful Earthship Shares Valuable Insight!

Mark is a structural engineer who works on alternative structures and is currently the caretaker of the Darfield Earthship in BC. He’s been living there for nearly 2 years,and is also in the process of designing several Earthships so he is an incredible resource. We’re grateful that we had a chance to spend an afternoon picking his brain about his experience living in an Earthship, and learning how they can perform in Canada’s extreme climate (spoiler alert: it varies!).

If you’d like to get in touch with Mark or follow his work, you can find him online and on Instagram here:

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A special thank you to Chris and Sandra for letting us film their Earthship, and to the team at Associated Engineering for letting us show off their energy modelling skills!

The Darfield Earthship:

Associated Engineering Energy Modelling:

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31 Replies to “Engineer Living in a Beautiful Earthship Shares Valuable Insight!”

  1. Josh Wilson

    Refreshingly honest. The most accurate earthship videos feature:
    1. People who didn't build them
    2. People who didn't buy them
    3. People who don't have to live in them forever

  2. tim orre

    most inefficient "house" ever!! from performance to building process. The govt has waaay tooo much say in an endeavor like this also. Structural capacities can be redefined to be more "user friendly" or diy. FUCK CODES!!!!!

  3. K R

    For me, the house is a set of ideas not fully realized….but Mark on the other hand- that guy's a genius. I could listen to him talk about anything.

  4. SneakyPanda

    I enjoyed this style because it didn't glorify the mistakes and shortcomings. In that regard, it was much more informative than those that do. Also, having the insights of an Engineer involved in the actual process and day to day actions of bringing something like this to life is huge. +1 , sub from me.

  5. Diego O' Land

    Seems like a good idea but sort of a half baked attempt. If you can't stay warm in winter without burning a ton of wood is really missing the point. And nice traffic noise.

  6. Koen Dekoning

    Very honest view at the Earth Ship model. So many videos are just about it being perfect with no worries. It's nice to hear that serious thinking has to go to designing it for the climate and that it might not be cheap as one would think.

  7. manicsurfing

    because of regulations these homes are only practical for people who are financially privileged enough to afford engineers.
    living minimally is a crime if you are poor or middle class.

  8. sunspot42

    I get the feeling Mark knows where to buy the best BC bud… 😉

    Smart guy, though. He's bringing up a lot of obvious problems I've seen with the whole "earthship" concept.

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