I Bought A House At 24 | My Full House Tour!

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they were an absolute dream to work with and are an amazing resource for all things moving/housing! I Bought my house in the beginning of October, and am finally ready to show you guys a finished house tour!

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My Facebook Marketplace Finds:
Couch | Original Price: $1999 FB Price: $1200
Coffee Table | Original Price: $699 GB Price: $450
Bird Of Paradise | Original Price: est. $200 FB Price: $55
Rug | Original Price: $1400 FB Price: $599
Leather Arm Chair | Original Price: $1199 FB Price: $699
Basket | Original Price $99 FB Price: $30
Pillow | Original Price: $35 FB Price: $15
Picture Frames | Original Est. Price $45 ea. FB Price: $15 ea.

business inquires: monica@abramsart.com


FTC: This video is sponsored by Facebook Marketplace.

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42 Replies to “I Bought A House At 24 | My Full House Tour!”

  1. Skip Vevo

    Step 1. Go to a wholesale market and buy the hardware
    Step 2. Hire a carpenter
    Step 3. Look up for cool looking designs of whatever you wanna get on Pinterest
    Step 4. Give this design to carpenter a
    Step 5. He will make some seriously cool looking brand new // furniture // kitchen cabinets // for way cheaper prices in just less than one or two months.
    And the total cost would be way less than that leather chair.


  2. R

    Monica has been bought by the meat industry, which has been freaking out over the many vegans and vegetarians among influencers. Now they are paying influencers big bucks to promote meat.

  3. KellyNJshore M

    I love Facebook marketplace! How will your roommate be with the entrance to the roof top deck in her room? Is there a way to block that off and create another door for the room?

  4. taylor falkenstein

    for some reason i thought shelby was movin with you! but congrats on your new place! i know when i bought my first home i was TOO excited to decorate. didn’t have the money you did. but. still fun. 🤣

  5. Jess Ackley

    So happy for you. Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment. Love the clips of your drive to Portland although small still made me smile to see you drive across a bridge I drive over everyday. 😁😂

  6. jaco5five6six

    I was like:why is your couch sideways, who watches tv from the side? then i thought oh you can lay down and watch tv and it kinda forces you to snuggle with whoever too. I dig your style Monny

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