Found This on the Nile!

For my next Egypt destination, I headed south to Aswan on a 13 hour, 500 mile plus train ride. The little village that I visited on the banks of the Nile was beautiful!


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main song – “Ridges” by Sense

first song – “Let Me Down” by Ukiyo
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Music provided by Bass Rebels
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view song – “Sunset Beach” by Dizaro (Vlog No Copyright)
Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.
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briefly played song – “Lion’s Heart” by Audionautix
Lion’s Heart by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Sorry for all the links, but these artists need support for their work! 😀

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37 Replies to “Found This on the Nile!”

  1. Badi' Al-Zaman

    Yes it is Aswan is Cleaner Nubian Culture Makes People in the villages responsible For making their town and houses and even infornt of their neighbours houses clean , but people in the cities in cairo , giza , alexandria thinks goverment only responsible for that

  2. Md Anisuzzaman

    0:47 How much it cost to travel by train from Cairo to Aswan in first class? Can it be possible to book ticket online? @Travellight

  3. Chocolate Bunny

    OMG I am from nuba it is beautiful I was born there but I know live in Alexandria and in Nuba,Aswan it is really hot

  4. desha elgn

    You know something I live in Egypt in Alexandria and I have never visited Aswan or Luxor but I am happy that I visited my summit and made me see them with your camera and there is a small note you have beautiful blue eyes

  5. صعيدي صعيدي ولا اقبل بغيرها

    Welcome to Luxor. My beautiful city .. My name is Mahmoud from Luxor Welcome to all guests

  6. Acc mohamed apdelmonsef

    جاية من اخر الدنيا تلفي مصر واحنا مشوفتش مكان من ال رحتيهم دول يابنت الجزمة يا مزة انتي

  7. سالي يارو Sally Yarrow

    Believe me, Egypt is very beautiful and the people here are very good
    I love you so much I hope to see you again in Egypt

  8. Abdelrahman Alamary

    هي قالت ان المياه زرقة ونظيفة ومافيش زبالة في اسوان بعكس القاهرة ومدن التكدس السكاني ..مع ذلك سكان اسوان والنوبة نظاف واسلوبهم راقي ومحترمين وعندهم مبادئ واخلاق ودين ..فيديو جميل شفته مليون مرة وانا متابع حلقاتTravellight

  9. محمودناصر محمود

    #يال الحسره نري اوطننا بعيون اجنبيه لماذا وصلنا لهذه الحاله الرديئة التي نحياها يارب ارجع لنا بلادنا 😩😩

  10. Ashraf Mehdaly

    Because you have a beautiful soul you can see and spot the beauty, really I feel so sorry for your bad experience in India but I believe that you will overcome it very soon and will continue your awesome adventures.
    Best of luck from Egypt.

  11. نور البيان

    أشرقت شمسك غرب سهيل ،،
    وفرح السد ورقص النيل ،،
    ظلك فوق ترابها شفاء العليل ،،
    ما رأت أسوان لحسنك مثيل ،،

  12. Mohamed Mohamed

    تلات نقاط في اعلي الشاشه اضغط عليهم وتضغط ترجمه واستمتع بالفيديو

  13. nadeem butt

    nice vlog, i would suggest to visit Pakistan sometime, its beautiful… for your reference, i am sending you some links….

    these are very few links, in addition to these places, dont forget to visit the city of Lahore & Capital city Islamabad… cheers..!!!

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