Stunning Modern Camper Van Conversion | VAN LIFE TOUR

In this video we’re touring a stunning modern camper van conversion by Dom and Marie from Vanlife Sagas. Building a DIY camper van that looks this good is a ton of work and this one was designed and built with the help of their whole family.

Vanlife Sagas

It’s super well insulated, it has perfectly customized space-saving storage, 3 different options for electricity, and a hydraulic table leg that makes it easy to transform the living room into a bedroom in under 2 minutes.

We’re excited to give you a full tour with Dom & Marie, who plan to use it as a part time home and office on wheels.

Dominic is the owner of a marketing agency named Orkestra and focuses on marketing and content creation for clients across Canada and the world.

Marie is currently doing her Ph.D. at the University of Ottawa and is also a community manager for small, medium, and large organizations.

Together, they’re the couple behind the account Vanlife Sagas, on Instagram. They mainly travel the world partnering up with rental companies to share the fun of road tripping.

Discover more about what these two characters do on social media:



For more information on their agency, you can look it up here:

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33 Replies to “Stunning Modern Camper Van Conversion | VAN LIFE TOUR”

  1. Moonlight Cottage ASMR

    Very smart features. I like the faucet, good idea ! And you're heading to 1M subs guys, congrats ! 🙂

  2. Hobbs Lane

    Nice!!! Clean, simple, practical. Most impressed on how well organized and clean you keep your van. Minimal and smart. With a fold away shower/toilet cabinet, more water storage, and increased lithium battery/solar power, on a Ford Transit AWD (3.5 EcoBoost) it would be even better. 😉

  3. wendy kelly

    yes, i do like this van.. just long enough.. i'd struggle with anything longer… nice xx think i'd wash in the sink it'd be fine… peeing hmmm but yeah nice

  4. The VanJoy

    Yes it is a very beautiful van but there is something about those quirky not so perfect diy projects that speak to me personally. They did an amazing job but it looks like all the rest. I love the ones with personalities. Thanks for the tour guys

  5. Daisy S

    A tip for shaving legs offgrid is to shave using moisturiser instead of shave foam. You only have to dampen your legs, shave then rub the remaining moisturiser in, no rinsing..

  6. joel greatz

    No toilet ? Sorry but having toilet is better specially when your out in the road and you gotta take a 1or2 at night .

  7. Frank Cicero

    It's a nice rig but installing a dig toilet and shower would be a big plus for you guys. Check out Cheap RV Living for ideas.

  8. Cindie Bilodeau

    I was reading the comments to see whereabouts from Quebec you are from. Love your van. Disappointed in all of the negative and personal comments. Thanks for the tour…lots of great ideas. Merci!!

  9. Dream Art

    beautiful conversion … clean, simple. A small potty of some sort would sure make a "I can't hold it any longer" midnight run outdoors to squat in the rain a godsent. Love your bed/table system. Just watch another recent video where they constructed a cool murphy bed system. So many cool ideas.

  10. Julie Karanja

    I remember seeing this on Pinterest especially because of the amazing ceiling and I thought I can’t wait for this to have a van tour video. The only thing missing is a bathroom area but I love the simplicity!

  11. Jennifer French

    Good video, The design of the van is very nice. I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing how much roughly did you spend to build this tiny home Including the price of the van itself?

  12. Mike Plonka

    I really like it, especially the detail in everything. I know the name of a company was mentioned, but what is it that you two do online to get by? And is it expensive? Thanks. I really like it. (and I watch a LOT of videos on here)

  13. Sammi C

    Love love it! The whole family vibe brought me to tears ❤ Wish ours were like that. It's great you get to follow your dreams as well as earn a living. All the very best from the UK x

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